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September 21, 2014, 03:19:05 PM
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Previously, on Iron Edge chat...

[13:59:52] [TS] Joins: Vorte
[14:48:05] Vorte: just lost a game to a windrunner in an offlane
[14:48:08] Vorte: refreshing!
[15:13:45] [TS] Joins: Pluug
[15:33:23] [TS] Joins: Spitfire
[15:33:23] [TS] Joins: Max
[15:44:56] TTaM: http://puu.sh/bHUez/3cd614070f.jpg
[16:02:04] [TS] Quits: Trabbe (leaving)
[16:02:04] [TS] Quits: Chippen (leaving)
[16:05:00] [TS] Joins: jcaaaa
[16:10:10] [TS] Quits: Vorte (leaving)
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Iron Edge

Iron Edge Summer Meetup 2014

Iron Edge Summer Meetup 2014

Bendiee getting ready to pop defensive cooldowns

Aretum and I have decided to go over and meet some of our Norwegian members in the great city of Stavanger! I was there for a full week and Aretum came over for the last four days (which ended up being great because I felt like shit for the first three days!).

If I had any advice for you guys about going to Norway, it would be that you make sure you bring enough cash. For example, buying a Whopper at Burger King will cost you 79 Norwegian kroner (€9.37 or £7.41). I haven't asked if they accept a kidney as payment, but I imagine they would.

I’ve learned a couple of things about my fellow guildies while I was in Norway:

- When Mooneclipse decides to commit to something, he goes ham. I don’t remember seeing anyone play as much arena as he did in that week, but he got pretty fucking good at it!
- Bendiee’s shower is not in any way designed to prevent water from getting out, so we had to rely on everyone’s waterbending skills to keep the water as contained as possible. I am ashamed to say that I’m not very good at waterbending.
- Bendiee gets very touchy when he’s drunk, but in a good way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- Glacio might be the most attractive human being I’ve ever seen, unfortunately he got completely rekt by glutens. He also makes some fantastic sandwiches.
- Bendiee’s sister brought home a really nice (drunk) guy that I was able to give some tech advice to. She then presumably had sex with him in the room next to us.
- The Norwegian healthcare system will not hesitate to give you any kind of drugs you want.
- Bendiee’s roommate Olav is the hero Iron Edge needs and deserves. We’re working on getting him into WoW and Iron Edge as soon as possible.
- Emopuff was sitting directly across from Mooneclipse. Surprisingly they're not as hard to tell apart IRL as they are on TeamSpeak.
- They have a softdrink called Solo (Often referred to as 8olo). It's one of those strangely disgusting drinks that you just can't get enough of. I'm still detoxing from that shit.
- We also had another guy there called Øyvind, he'll be joining the guild soon too.
- ༼つ ◕_◕༽つ AMENO ༼ つ ◕_◕༽つ

Here are some more pictures from the trip (click on images for higher res):

The setup

Downtown Stavanger

Princess Mooneclipse

Spotting a real life doge was obviously the highlight of my week

Standing afk at the IE cart and drinking my last 8olo at the airport before I leave Norwegia

I'd like to thank everyone that was able to make it to the meetup and for making it possible. I hope to see you all again soon!

Iron Edge will be turning 10 years old in February. We haven't made any plans for how we might celebrate this occasion, but make sure to check the forum regularly in case we make announcements regarding this historic moment!

Iron Edge Summer Update

Garrosh Heroic Down!
After months of struggling in 25-man, then switching to 10-man, the Iron Edge raiding team has finally slain the final boss of the game in Mists of Pandaria. Garrosh was definitely a challenge, not because of how hard the mechanics were, but because the fight had a lot of random shit and was over 12 minutes long, it took us over 200 tries to get him.

Iron Edge has also made some changes on the PvP team. We tragically had to say goodbye to some of the guild leadership, but Im confident the PvP team has pulled through and is strong.

The Iron Edge 25-man raiding team will be pulling itself back together for Warlords of Draenor. Recruiting will start immediately and I expect the raiding to start as soon as the content becomes available. Make sure to check up on the forums when the pre-patch hits, if you want to secure a spot on the new raiding team.

Iron Edge Spring Update!

Iron Edge Spring Update!

As most of you already know, the raid has gone on break for the remainder of Mists of Pandaria. There had been a steady decline in the amount of active players in the group, and that eventually ended up forcing us to go on break before being able to kill Garrosh heroic. Only a small group of dedicated players have picked up 10-man raiding to finish the content, and weve just killed off Siegecrafter (12/14HC).
Of course the guild is already preparing for the upcoming changes in Warlords of Draenor, and the 25man raid will make a strong return once the expansion hits.

Meanwhile, Hearthstone has already launched and some much needed balance changes are being put in. After the overwhelming success of the first tournament, Ive already begun planning for the second one! Ill post an update and more details about that once weve killed Garrosh heroic.

Enjoy this screenshot of the 10man finally killing off Siegecrafter:


Iron Edge Hearthstone Tournament

Iron Edge Hearthstone Tournament February 2014

The first Iron Edge Hearthstone tournament will be on the weekend of 14-15-16 February, depending on the amount of players that attend the tournament.

The Time
All times are in CET
Friday February 14th 20:00-24:00
Saturday February 15th 19:00-24:00
Sunday February 16th 19:00-24:00

Obviously if the tournament takes shorter than expected, it might already be over on Saturday.

The Rules
- You are allowed to use any deck you want throughout the tournament. Cheesy decks are also allowed, but not appreciated. Murloc/warlock decks, warrior OTK decks and all that shit is frowned upon.
- Streaming is encouraged, but set your stream delay to one minute. Please do not look at other players' streams if you're playing that person (obviously). If we find out, you are disqualified.
- You need to be on TeamSpeak with your opponent while you play him/her. After you're done playing your games, both of you join the main TeamSpeak channel and share the result with us.

The Bracket

Signing Up
You can sign up in this thread. Please make sure that you are available during that weekend. You will need guild member rank to be able to post in the thread, if you don't have that yet, please send me or another forum mod a PM, or ask on IRC or WoW.

The Stream
The entire event will be streamed on http://www.twitch.tv/IronEdgeTV. You can tune in to watch matches, and you can hang out in the main TeamSpeak channel to talk about it. Everyone is welcome!

The Prize
The prize for the winner of the tournament will be 50.000 WoW gold. If the winner is not currently playing WoW, they can elect someone else to get the prize.
In addiction to the 50.000 gold, you will also get a unique forum title as the winner of the first Iron Edge Hearthstone Tournament!

Second place will get 20.000 gold
Third place will get 10.000 gold

RBG Team back on its feet, Second wing in SoO HC Down and Changes to recruitment

The Iron Edge Rated Battleground Team is back in business.

After one of the longer breaks in the history of the team, Anarawen has taken it upon herself to get it back on track. Tuesday was the first time the team came together again, and it already got a very nice positive win-loss ratio. I've decided to make a screenshot in the same location as I did with the original RBG team for nostalgia reasons. Unfortunately the current RBG system doesn't support 15-player RBG's anymore, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Second wing in The Siege of Orgrimmar Heroic down!
The Iron Edge Casual raid is completely unstoppable at the moment. Only a short while after we've cleared the first wing, the second wing has also gone down.

The second wing in the Siege of Orgrimmar is arguably one of the more easy wings in the instance, with only Dark Shamans being commonly known as a challenge. To give you an insight of how hard Dark Shamans is; Midwinter, the best alliance guild in the world, wiped several times on this fight during the Live Raid event at Blizzcon. It took Iron Edge about five hours of wiping to get them down, and it ended up in a glorious kill, with only two people dying in the entire 10-minute fight.

Shortly after the Dark Shamans kill, on the same night, we killed the last boss in the second wing; General Nazgrim. I didn't take a screenshot because, well, to be honest, the kill felt pretty underwhelming considering how easy it was compared to Dark Shamans. But it's an impressive achievement nonetheless!

Changes to Recruitment
You'll see the website undergo a few changes in the coming days, as we're gearing up to make some adjustments to the current recruitment system. We're also changing our direction with our recruitment a bit. We're about to go into a period with barely any new content, so we need to have the guild nice and strong before then. So we're going to focus on recruiting PvPers and social members. Any suggestions you might have to improve recruitment you can post in this thread. As a preview this is what the information image will look like for our new PvP members.


First Wing in SoO Down on Heroic, Small Iron Edge Meetup for Blizzcon 2013

First Wing Cleared on Heroic

Only a month after we've killed Garrosh for the first time, the Iron Edge 25-man Raid has cleared the first wing on heroic difficulty! The last boss on this wing (Sha of Pride) was considered one of the hardest bosses in the entire instance, and so a lot of guilds have opted to skip him, and kill other bosses on heroic difficulty first. However, we didn't care and killed it anyway, because we're just that fucking awesome. The above screenshot should be sufficient evidence to support that statement.

Small Iron Edge Meetup for Blizzcon 2013

A couple of brits in the guild, and me, decided to do a small meetup in London to watch Blizzcon 2013 together at a barcraft. Not much of Blizzcon ended up being watched, but we all got to meet each other and it was lots of fun. Here are some pictures that Ben "Abyiss" Wright made on his phone, as well as some pictures that were taken by the guys from ReadyCheck Podcast. Large shoutout to them for hosting this event!

Dan "Narcotics" Macdonald doing his Deckard Lame, and winning a Diablo 3 copy for Playstation 3 in the process. You might have guessed, but he was completely wasted in this picture.

From left to right: Tina "Safire" Karlsson, Ben "Abyiss" Wright and Gareth "Aretum" Wilkins

From left to right: Maarten "Rashkebab" Snijder, Joseph "Doomslay" Hayter and Dan "Narcotics" Macdonald. I am fully aware that I look like a 14-year-old in this picture.

And some more random pics

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