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13 Jun 2016 - Iron Edge Meet Up 2016!

In Palmar’s tradition, I decided to do a write up of my observations this weekend:

  • The new Iron Edge Battlecry is “FUUUUUCK YOOUUUUU GAYBOYS”
  • Shimmar has officially paid his debts.
  • The Warcraft movie was as mediocre as everyone thought it would be. Although if you look at the way Iron Edge watched it, it would probably get a lot less credit than it deserves (about one third of the group passed out at some point during the movie).
  • Despite all of that, most people still rated it six to seven out of ten.
  • Let this also be a lesson that you shouldn’t go drinking at a “chavvy bar” before you go see a mediocre movie.
  • Using chopsticks is fucking savage, I don’t care what you fucking cultural relativists have to say.
  • I’m filing a police report for sexual assault. I only consented to hugging Aidan, but got way more than I bargained for.
  • Always hold hands when you’re travelling with Scottish people, you might lose them.
  • Quickzor was by far the best dressed Iron Edger, Shimmar wore his clothing all night.
  • Iron Edge meetups have officially been upgraded to now include hookers and blow, minus the hookers.
  • As usual, the party is where Abyiss is, UNLESS YOU'RE TAKING A FUCKING GROUP PHOTO.
  • The party was where you’d expect an Iron Edge party to be; in the fucking basement.
  • We heard that Narcotics was there that night, but he was just there to drop off his epileptic friend Rich. We were all very sad that Drayne didn’t get to meet the elusive creature.
  • The new “Iron Edge way” of getting transported is in the trunk of a car, when possible with the trunk open to scare Lethys to death.
  • Vejeta was not as cucked then we thought he was, also - despite expectations - a shockingly decent human being. Most people would think he’s a lot nicer IRL then he is online, and their right.
  • The Germans complained about how cold it was in his Ford Focus.
  • It’s going to be hard to describe how epic it was to play paintball with the guild, but let me sum up some events.
    • It was leaders vs members.
    • At one point I got up from cover and got shot three times in the face within one second. I had Vietnam flashbacks for the rest of the meet up.
    • Leaders won the day, it had nothing to do with one side of the map being OP.
  • Moon doesn’t eat a lot, but not by choice. The restaurant just didn’t want to serve him anymore.
  • When two men have sex with the same girl, the Danish (Grax) eloquently call them “Hole Brothers”. Two Hole Brothers had a conversation that day, many manly tears were shed together.
  • Kopparberg is cider for real men.
  • Shimmar has officially been renamed by himself to “Hot Sam”, then was renamed to “Creepy Sam” and now he’s “Weak Sam”. All based on his interaction with a chubby waitress.
  • Alfie lost his coca cola, it was upsetting.
  • Some people want the night to be perfectly planned and executed, some people want to just do whatever, and then some peoples girlfriends have beer bottles thrown at their heads. (She’s OK!)
  • We now know that the only way to decide on Brexit, is by getting wasted somewhere near Manchester.

Thanks to everyone who’s made it out to England, it was a great success. It was absolutely amazing to see so many familiar faces as well as new ones. Even though this event was almost being planned for half a year, I never expected as many as 16 people would show up.

We’re working on consolidating all photos in a shared photo album, you can find it here:

See you all in 2017!

07 Feb 2016 - Archimonde Mythic Down!

Congratulations for killing yet another final boss of an expansion. Some people in the raid (*cough Romeo cough*) said that Archimonde was one of the easier final bosses we’ve had in a long time, but I disagree wholeheartedly. Regardless we were able to kill it and now we have entered the longest content drought in the history of World of Warcraft. So what’s next for Iron Edge?

Our New Forum!
If my estimations are correct, you should be reading this front page post on our brand new forum! The guild has just turned another year older (11 years now!) So we thought it was time it gets updated to the latest version on a brand new server. So we should be able to shitpost for a long time without any interruptions. We’ll also be taking steps in the near future to add new features to it, as well as simplifying its current layout and retiring some of the older boards we don’t use anymore, so keep an eye out for that!
You can see all your unread posts in the top right corner from now on. If you have any other questions about this new forum, please contact me, Grax or any other officer and I’m sure they’ll be able to help you out. I wanted to give Grax and Delling a special thanks. Grax for making this new forum happen, and Delling for hosting our forum and our Teamspeak for all these years!

The Iron Edge Summer Meetup!
The next Iron Edge meetup is scheduled to be in early June in accordance with the release date of the Warcraft Movie that’s scheduled to come out on June 3rd in the UK. So it’ll either be the weekend of June 3-4-5, or the week after, June 10-11-12. I’m hosting a meeting after the raid on Monday the 8th on TeamSpeak, so anyone interested in coming out to England this summer should attend it! We can perhaps change the date of the weekend if too many people are unable to attend, but I’d like to plan it as close to the Warcraft movie as possible.

What are we going to do in WoW?
As I’ve stated before, a lot of players will still be around during this content drought, including me. We’ll continue the raid for the foreseeable future, but after that I’d like to get back into my old passion: PvP. If you’re interested in joining the rated battleground team, let me know in this thread and we’ll see if we have enough people interested in slaying some alliance (or horde) in the near future.

A change in the leadership
Unfortunately Andreas (Valkyrie) is going to be taking a well-deserved break from raiding for the foreseeable future. Because of this, I am happy to announce that Ryan (Atlanteans) will be taking over his duties as healing officer while we farm the current content, and of course he will continue doing the job in Legion! Hopefully Andreas will be back for Legion to raid with us again.

Thank you all for a great expansion. I hope to see a lot of familiar and new faces at the Iron Edge Meetup this year, and I’m looking forward to playing WoW with you when Legion comes out!

Check out our nerdscreams for the Archimonde kill!

17 Dec 2015 - Christmas!

I wanted to start off by wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Raid Break
The following raids are cancelled because of the holidays:

Thursday the 24th
Monday the 28th
Thursday the 31st

The last raid of 2015 will be on Monday the 21st of December and the first raid of 2016 will be on Monday January 4th. Monday the 4th will be a farm raid to get some more gear.

We will continue our progress on Archimonde Mythic after that. I want to remind everybody that we are looking for new members to add to our roster so that we can make sure that we can kill Archimonde and continue to clear him in the future.

After Archimonde is dead
As it stands now, we will clear Archimonde for as long as people are willing to stick around so that many people can get the mount. We'll need a dedicated bunch of people who are willing to prioritize raiding over their real life activities. But for those who do want to spend some more time doing other things, not to worry, Legion is still very far away and there will be plenty of time where the raid will not have scheduled raids. Instead, there will be other activities that require less than 20 people. I was mostly thinking in lines of PvP, but if you guys have other ideas I'd love to try those too.

I'm also going to start planning the summer meet up for 2016. It's probably going to be around the launch of the Warcraft movie (think June) and it will be in the middle of the UK (think Birmingham/Liverpool area). But of course planning is still in the early stages and there will be several discussions before we set anything in stone.

Anyway, enjoy the holidays and I'm looking forward to playing with and meeting up with you guys in 2016!

06 Jun 2015 - June 2015 Update

Iron Edge June 2015 Update

Greetings members or Iron Edge!

Edgefest 2015 was a great success and I wanted to thank everyone who made it out to London last week to help make it happen. The picture above was the group photo taken in front of a green screen at the London Zoo, and since nobody else wanted to buy it, Grax bought it later secretly to use for this forum. I especially like how Vorte's hand ended up floating because he was wearing a green jacket. From left to right: Grax, Me, Palmar, Narco, Vorte, Shiftey, Ino, Shimmar and of course Grishnag

I wanted to especially thank Delling and Sintrael for letting us use their apartment all weekend so we could play video games, get drunk and play real life mafia. If you're looking for some more pictures of the event, I would point you to this thread.

Now, let's get on with the WoW stuff, shall we.

I am proud to announce that as of this Thursday, the Iron Edge casual raid is 8/10 on Mythic difficulty in the Blackrock Foundry, putting us in a solid position on WoWProgress. We most likely will still have a few weeks to go until the next content patch hits the servers, and we'll be spending that time strengthening our roster and continuing to progress.

Holland Meetup in July

As mentioned in the GMotD, there will be a smaller meet up in Holland on the week of the 20th to the 26th of July. I will make a post later this month with more details about activities that will take place in that week, but everyone that wants to come is invited to join us. I'm very certain at least one of those days will include a visit to a theme park somewhere in the middle of that week, so you'll have that to look forward to.

Thanks for reading, see you all on IRC, on this forum or in WoW!
Happy Birthday!

According to that image, Iron Edge was founded on the 27th of February 2005. Which means that 10 years ago today, IE’s first guild leader Kaos trolled around Orgrimmar looking for people to sign his guild petition.

First Guild Leader: Kaos

Kaos was Iron Edge’s first guild leader and was in charge of the raid for most of vanilla WoW. It’s safe to say that he laid the foundation for what later became the core of Iron Edge’s raid team, as well as a lot of people who hang around IRC today. Kaos also created IE’s website, which was actually at the time (that domain is now being used for a company that sells workout equipment). Here’s a snapshot of what our website used to look like from the wayback machine (Credit to Cwave for digging this up!)

Somewhere in the period that Kaos was in charge, he was an employee of Blizzard Entertainment. He was able to secure alpha spots for TBC for many old guild members at the time. He only told a few people that he worked for Blizzard, as he had to keep it a secret. Unfortunately it didn’t take very long before some guildies found out and started abusing it:

[15:31] <Grishnag> And then smorisha went all like "you can't report me my guild leader works for blizzard" i think it was smorisha at least, it was definitely a serb

Kaos was forced to leave the guild after that. Some of the members tracked him down a few years later only to find out that he was now in a guild with other Blizzard employees. However, a long time before Kaos actually left, IE had already gotten a new raid leader..

Second Guild Leader: Delling.

Iron Edge under the leadership of Delling was the golden age of IE’s long PvE history. The Iron Edge A-raid was a force to be reckoned with, not just on a server-level, but worldwide as well. Throughout the later instances of Vanilla WoW, TBC and WotLK, the raid group was able to get a large number of Realm First’s. Unfortunately none of them made it through after the implementation of Guild Achievements and the later guild-migration to Kazzak.

I’ve had the privilege of raiding a few times under Delling with the A-raid during Ulduar and it was truly some of the most awe inspiring raiding I’ve done, and it has certainly had an impact on how I do things in raids even today.

Another development in IE’s long PvE history was the inception of the B-raid under the glorious leadership of Hugman. I’m sure even Hugman at that time did not know what level of disgusting casual raiding he had started, but what he started back then is now the Iron Edge Casual Raid.

Third Guild Leader: Gaeios
Delling was Iron Edge’s guild leader for the longest time in its history so far, but Gaeios is catching up. After Delling had a long period of inactivity, he finally handed Gaeios the reigns to the guild.

Gaeios is (as far as I know) the only person to have signed the original IE guild petition that is still active in WoW today. Gaeios was never a raid leader, but he had Yoica to fall back on, who did an excellent job leading the B-raid from Cataclysm into Mists of Pandaria. These days he has entrusted that responsibility to me. Gaeios has managed to keep Iron Edge going and doing a great job at it, even while his real life situation has gotten pretty insane. Recently he was finishing up his masters degree, working a job and having a child, all while leading Iron Edge and keeping it the great community that it is today.

I’d like to personally thank all friends who might stumble upon this forum who have been with Iron Edge in these great 10 years, and a special thanks to those who have gone out their way to be a leader in the community throughout these years.

- Yoica, for being an amazing raid leader of the B-raid
- Hugman, for being responsible for the creation of the B-raid and leading it as well
- Daekesh, for leading the A-raid and putting up with the Serbians for as long as you did
- Goza, for being the Queen of Silvermoon (I still don't know why his note says that)
- All of the class and guild officers we’ve had, including those we have today; Aretum, Valkyrie, Mooneclipse, Saffie and of course Narcotics.

I’ve collected some screenshots in no particular order that were sufficiently old enough to perhaps get some nostalgia going, obviously if you have any screenshots to share, please do.



Thanks for a great 10 years and hopefully many more years to come!

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