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 Weekend Raider Application - Shaman (DPS) - Kissmyaxe

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February 10, 2018, 12:38:57 am
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Weekend Raider Application - Shaman (DPS) - Kissmyaxe
« on: February 10, 2018, 12:38:57 am »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying for the Weekend Raid.

Character: Kissmyaxe
Class/Spec: Shaman (DPS)
Member Type: wraider

Personal Info:

My name is Bogdan, I'm 34 years old and I live in Prague, Czech Republic.
I have a job in IT sales.


My main spec is Enhancement. I've always main-ed shaman, playing various specs since Vanilla.
I swapped to Enhancement at the start of Legion as Elemental was quite weak.
I enjoy melee DPS, feels a little more dynamic than ranged, plus you can DPS while moving, so that's nice.
I'm at 965 item level at the moment, farming HC Antorus weekly.
My offspecs are not really leveled, both weapons are at level 52.

I'm using Simcraft and Raidbots to determine my stat weights whenever I change my gear.
Enhancement AoE is bad compared to other classes, so I just focus on the single target stats, especially after swapping out of Tier 20.
Currently Haste sims way above everything else.
I always check resources such as Icy Veins and the Earthshrine Discord for keeping up to date to changes, rotation, etc.
You can check my logs here:

For rotation, it's basically keeping the buffs up for Rockbiter (Landslide), Fury of Air, Flameshock.
Using Feral Spirit on CD (unless there is an AoE incoming soon), with Crash Lightning straigh after.
Doomwinds on CD as well.
Stormstrike whenever it's up, then Rockbiter and Lavalash as fillers.


I have a bunch of alts at level 110 (7 total) but I only started recently to play a druid healer.
It's 960 itemlevel.
Other alts I just use for getting gold with Order Hall missions, and some fun from time to time.


Nothing special here, been having Enchanting/Jewelcrafting since forever.
Since the changes to professions, there are no more rare recipies, so not much to say here.

Raiding Experience:

In Legion I played in Emerald Nightmare, clearing HC when it was first released.
Took a break from the game, then game back when ToS was lanched, farmed HC and eventually started Mythic.
It was a PuG group with a mix of experienced people on alts and people raiding on their mains.
We killed 6/9, getting to Maiden before Antorus was released.

I've been playing since Vanilla so I have a lot of old school exprience.
I was doing the hardest content starting TBC, up until the end of Cataclysm, in various top guilds. (Ulduar, Icecrown, Dragon Soul, etc.)
In MoP and WoD I just logged in casually, take longer breaks from the game.

Was never really into PvP, so nothing to mention there.

Previous Guilds:

No real guilds to mention to be honest.
We've been chilling in our own guild with a few friends, but we were just Puging all Legion content.
We're currently in Edge of Sanity, since we were looking to for a 1 day raiding guild, and they had a core of 8-10 people.
It's not really working out, people left, and their current plan is to try and gather a group for BfA.
One of the more notable guilds that you might have heard of is Inner Sanctum, which I was raiding with in Cataclysm.


I'm online most days, however due to RL stuff I prefer to have a 1 day commitment to raiding.
I work 9 to 18:00, taking vacations like any normal person.


Can use any voice chat. Have a mic and can use it when needed.

Computer / Connection:

I don't have the best computer, about 4 years old, but works decently enough.
Connection is rock solid, I had 2 outages in 2 years, and ping is always good.

Trying to keep it as simple and clear as possible, while having the information about skills and CDs available.

Other Games:

I don't play much else, some Hearthstone and Diablo 3 when the season is reset.

Why Iron Edge?

Interested in the Sunday group, as it fits my desire for a raid schedule.
The fact that it's a larger guild makes me think there are always people online, to run some Mythic+, etc.

What can I offer Iron Edge?

I can be a valuable member of the raid.
Prepared to be a long term member of the guild, not just in Legion but beyond.

Where did I hear about Iron Edge? forums, there was a recruitment thread

Last Words?

I hope you will see me and my friends as a good addition to your guild and raid, and give us a chance to play together.
If I missed anything feel free to contact me in-game, Kissmyaxe#2808

February 11, 2018, 02:16:35 pm
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Offline Xormn

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Re: Weekend Raider Application - Shaman (DPS) - Kissmyaxe
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2018, 02:16:35 pm »
Hey there.

We usually wait 48 hours before accepting trials, but since the raid will start soon, I'll just accept you guys earlier.

Don't forget to get the epgp add-ons.

Raid invites start at 19:20 ST.

You can poke an officer for a guild invite!
Anything less than immortality is a waste of time.


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