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 Raider Application - Mage (DPS) - ellero (XR)

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July 08, 2018, 12:12:49 am
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Raider Application - Mage (DPS) - ellero (XR)
« on: July 08, 2018, 12:12:49 am »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying for the main raid.

Character: ellero
Server: quel'thalas
Class/Spec: Mage (DPS)
Member Type: raider

Personal Info:

Ali, 22, UK, Working in market research


PLEASE NOTE - I am rerolling to Warlock in BfA and server hopping!

I will be maining Destro warlock, with the second strongest Warlock spec as my offspec.

I'm going to speak about my current main, Fire Mage, and the steps I've taken to improve my performance.

So as Fire, the most recent meta gameplay is oriented around maximizing your combustion damage timings as a result of the T21 set bonus and taking Kindling to get more combustions in. Ideally, in non-movement heavy fights you also choose rune of power and pop both stacks during combustion to maximize that power window. You'd typically also set your rotation around those juicy bracer proc damage (ideally lined up with combustion). Accordingly, fire mage gearing is oriented around maximizing your levels of crit to get faster combustions, and more mastery to increase your overall ignite damage. Having a minimum amount of haste (around 20% in sims) is essential to keep your rotation flowing smoothly. As such, Fire mage significantly benefits from a higher ilvl due to the insane scaling with secondary stats. Maximizing DPS as mage in general heavily revolves around keeping up your uptime via efficient shimmer casting, or timing your movement with your insta procs (i.e. by saving up your fire blast stacks).

When it comes to improving, other than standard guides, I like to go on Reddit's weekly DPS threads and observe people's questions and see what class veterans have to say in response. I occasionally post  questions myself seeking to learn more about min-maxing DPS. I also privately DM some of the guide writers like on the altered time website, and frequently browse their forums for the latest class trends. Additionally, I'm usually on the class discord observing latest trends or asking questions. Lastly, I check top parsing players' logs for a certain fight and see what they do differently from what I do (i.e. when they line up their RoP casts to maximize their burst during damage checks), and analyze my own logs to see where I'm falling short.

For BfA, I'm closely monitoring the new changes to Warlock specs (my next main) and the implications, as well as frequently visiting the Lock One stop shop website and class discords to learn everything I can about the class so I'm well prepared once BfA launches.  


Mage will remain as my main alt in case an immunity class is needed.

I also have a holy paladin ex-main that I'd always be happy to pick up if needed.


Alchemy - just much less of a hassle making my own flasks and pre-pots tbh :P

Enchanting - chaos crystals > vendoring the item so :P

Raiding Experience:

So I only recently got back into WoW during NH, and I decided to go back to mythic raiding towards the end of ToS with 3/9 before moving to the #1 horde guild on my current realm. Antorus was my first serious tier where I got promoted to a core member and reached 11/11M with the guild.

Previous Guilds:

I joined my current guild, The Front Line, right before Antorus with the hopes of attaining mythic experience and becoming mythic raid ready. In just under 3 weeks, I managed to completely learn a new class from scratch (mage), gear it up via excessive legendary grinding, and it was mythic raid ready in a short period of time. In just 1 month, I was promoted to a core raider due to my consistent ability to do mechanics well and put out competitive DPS.

I plan on leaving the guild because while this guild focuses on progression, the main goal is not cutting edge. Unfortunately, that is not good enough for me due to my competitive personality of wanting to be the absolute best I can and achieve it all. Since it is a low population realm, and we are the only guild that raids mythic, I am looking outwards to find my new home.


I'm usually available every night when I'm back from work around 18:00-ish ST.


Perfect english - I communicate on voice during raid encounters whenever appropriate (when I'm targeted by certain mechanics, or calling out overlaps)

Computer / Connection:

1050ti, 8mb ram, i5 processor - stable 80-100 fps on mythic Argus.

Got my own internet router so ping and connection are very stable.


DBM - obvious reasons, great for boss timers
GTFO - for plebbing purposes
Weakauras - tracking class CD's and customized mechanic targetting (shown in UI link below)
Exorsus raid tools - to track BRs and healing CDs
Angry assignments - for raiding assignments
RCLoot council - R I P MASTER LOOT </3


Other Games:

League of Legends, Overwatch, Fortnite are my other games tbh

Why Iron Edge?

First of all, the guild looks SO organized and awesome. I can really tell that there's a great sense of companionship and comradery between guildies and it just feels like an overall positive environment to be in. Second, the guild is on a 2 day schedule, which I highly believe is more than enough to achieve my goals. Third, the guild looks to have ambitious mythic raiding goals that I'm positive I can contribute to with the ambition always being cutting edge.

Reading through the rules makes me certain that I am joining a guild that wants to down content via a positive raid culture where everyone is encouraged to bring the best that they can bring. I would not have applied to Iron Edge had I known that I would not be a good fit to the team.

What can I offer Iron Edge?

I can offer Iron Edge a player who has a lot of dedication to prove himself, acknowledge and learn from his mistakes, and strive to bring the absolute best performance to any raid night.

I consider myself a good communicator with the ability to adapt on the spot to calls made.My other strengths include good on-the-spot decision making, by showing adaptability during an encounter to unforeseen mechanic changes (like having to fill in a fellow raider's spot all of a sudden).

I'm a reliable player that can be trusted to communicate and take liability, and never making the same mistake twice. I'm a player who doesn't just like showing up to do damage and not die, but I am always looking to see how I can set up my fellow raiders to also succeed and do the best they can.

Where did I hear about Iron Edge?


Last Words?

I'm a player with high goals that always seeks to better himself and bring the best he can to the raid night. I'm very passionate about raiding and I'd love to be given a chance to prove myself.

July 09, 2018, 10:24:10 pm
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Offline Rash

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Re: Raider Application - Mage (DPS) - ellero (XR)
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2018, 10:24:10 pm »
Hi Ali,

Nice application! We have a very open free speech policy in Iron Edge. Are you particularly religious?
Rash - Mistweaver Monk
Porkkebab - Holy Paladin
Pooneclipse - Resto Druid

July 10, 2018, 02:13:10 pm
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Offline Edwy

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Re: Raider Application - Mage (DPS) - ellero (XR)
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2018, 02:13:10 pm »
Hey Rash,

No not at all, quite the opposite xD

I'm actually from Egypt but lived in the UK for a while. I can always get on discord for a chat at anytime if you want to get to know me better

July 12, 2018, 09:16:53 pm
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Offline Edwy

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Re: Raider Application - Mage (DPS) - ellero (XR)
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2018, 09:16:53 pm »
Just wanna add that I've still got my BfA 110 boost that I'm more than happy using on a warrior/druid if it's what the guild needs.

Could always bring over my pally to play ret as well if need be.

July 12, 2018, 11:10:31 pm
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Offline Rash

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Re: Raider Application - Mage (DPS) - ellero (XR)
« Reply #4 on: July 12, 2018, 11:10:31 pm »
Sounds good!

You can poke me or another officer for an invite. Welcome!
Rash - Mistweaver Monk
Porkkebab - Holy Paladin
Pooneclipse - Resto Druid


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