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 Raider Application - Priest (DPS/Healer) - Imso (XR)

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September 11, 2018, 01:50:13 am
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Raider Application - Priest (DPS/Healer) - Imso (XR)
« on: September 11, 2018, 01:50:13 am »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying for the main raid.

Character: Imso
Server: silvermoon
Class/Spec: Priest (DPS/Healer)
Member Type: raider

Personal Info:

Name: Daniel
Age: 25
Location: United Kingdom
Work: Employed yes o.o
Partner: nope, last one tried to kill me
Cats: 4 o.o
Spend most of my time playing wow, or working on Website/Graphics for clients as a side business/hobby from work.

Also cute dog Phoenix O.O


Raid: Holy (353) (Armory is incorrect)
Mythic+: Disc (351)
Offspec: Shadow (352)
Arena: Disc

I mainly play holy in raid environment mostly due to it's raid utility with Hymn/Salvation, means in a pinch i can easily pickup a group from 10% without needing to worry too much, generally just enjoy healing over dpsing as a shadow priest atm, mostly due to it's lack of output, hoping the new 20% increase will bump it back up, but seems doubtful to be honest.

Main off-spec is shadow, even though it's not that great at the moment, it's still worth keeping up to date with it and it's changes and making sure when it does become needed i can still perform above standards

Holy priest is pretty straight forwards, my stat priority for raid is Int > Master > Crit > haste, so i'm basically using higher Ilvl items with preferred stats to increase my Int (spell power) then focusing on mastery as the secondary stat weight, but obviously it will eventually change so i'm stacking items with higher ilvl with different stats at the moment.

M+ Dungeons i'm looking for Int (But not majorly) Crit >Haste > Vers

Rotation changes depending on the boss fight, and depending on what's coming up, but i generally always keep a renew on the tanks, and rotate POM onto the current tank on cooldown keeping my serenity for them when there's high damage input, as for the raid it's rotating Halo/Prayer of Healing/filling with heal/flash heal and depending on fight if i talent for it Binding heal.

Using Sanctify on groups of people taking spiked damage, if it's raid wide depending on RL i'll switch between using Salvation or Hymn, keeping hymn of hope for healers as we drop down to 20ish% mana.

I'm usually using guardian spirit on CD on one of the tanks if specced for Guardian angel, if not i'll save it for a major ability.

And if all else is fine dpsing the boss/adds.


Monk: 120, 323
Warlock: 120, 343
DH: 120, 322
DK: 120, 305


Herbilism/Enchanting, Alchemist on an alt for potions/flasks.

Raiding Experience:

Vanilla: Started off slow and went in/out of raiding/pvping, but ended up completing Onyxia, Moltencore, BWL & naxxramas, played as a protection warrior, wasn't too happy about being a gnome though so ended up re-rolling hunter and achieved the Rok'delar / Lok'delar Bow/Staff

TBC: Re-rolled to a DR shaman and played on shattered hand Alliance in "endless", completed every tier except BT

Karazhan - Complete
Zul'Aman - Complete
Gruul's Lair - Complete
Magtheridon's Lair - Complete
Serpentshrine Cavern - Complete
Eye (Tempest Keep) - Complete
Battle for Mount Hyjal - Completed ((Went back to my hunter per guilds request))
The Black Temple - Did not complete as i had a crappy pc and ended up opting out of the raid entirely due to having 5 fps.

WOTLK: Ended up going back to my hunter in TK so progressed for a while on it, then went back to Shaman
at their request again.

Ulduar - Complete
Naxx - Complete
ToS - Complete
TOC/TOGC - Complete
ICC - Complete

CATA: So funny story, i was actually perma banned shortly after Cata hit due to taking advantage of the auction house with duped items, i ended up spending a lot of the expansion playing on private servers and pugging, i didn't fully return until the very end of the tier as a rogue, but pugged most of the content, some of which wasn't in current tier.

Firelands - Complete (heroic)
Dragon soul - Complete (heroic)

MOP: I ended up transferring over to the Horde on TM for a while playing Hunter/Warrior in both PVE & PVP, but wasn't really interested that much in the content so i only ended up completing Siege before Wod.

Siege - Complete (mythic)

WOD: I went in quite strongly playing a Mage in the guild Moist on Silvermoon Alliance, we ended up clearing Normal/heroic Highmaul, we then transferred out to kazzak, the guild disbanded after a few weeks and 1 boss on mythic, so i joined "Hoax" as a social and didn't raid until HFC but still completed brf socially, we struggled in mythics and i ended up transferring back to silvermoon and joined Inner Sanctum and cleared Mythic as a DK and ended up just doing boost runs until legion.

Highmaul - Complete (Heroic)
BRF - Complete (Mythic)
HFC - Complete (Mythic)

Legon: I ended up socially playing in legion due to focusing at work and enjoyment of doing mythic+, so i only ended up clearing mythic NH and heroic Antorus, a few pugs here and there as well
EN - Complete (heroic) (Some out of tier)
NH - Complete (Mythic)
Antorus - Complete (heroic)

BFA: So far, 6/8 Normal (With a social Guild) and 4/8 Heroic (pugging)

Most of my experience is Hardmode/Heroic/Mythic with at least every tier Cutting Edge/Ahead of the curve, id say i'm comfortable at Semi-hardcore raiding, I've just taken a social approach as most of the guilds I've joined have tended to disbanded or transfer out of a realm, so I've just been chilling until i find one that suites me, or i think could benefit having me on their team.

Previous Guilds:

I've been in a fair few up until this point, prior to Being on horde silvermoon i was in Hoax on Kazzak, and Inner Sanctum on silvermoon(A), i left due to IRL/Work reasons.

If accepted i'll be leaving Deviants, a social raiding guild on H Silvermoon, which is an alliance POP realm, not my ideal server for raiding, my reason being is they're social, and have no interest in pursuing mythic raiding.


I work Monday (untill 6) Tuesday (untill 7), Saturday (unntil 7) and sunday (until 4), nothing of interest coming up for the next 40 years so all good on that end


English born/spoken, happy to use TS3/Discord, refuse to use Mumble, fully working microphone/headset and willing to be vocal at all points unless raiding, then i just shutup until i'm needed or have to say something.

Computer / Connection:

Somewhat decent PC

GPU: GTX 1070
CPU: I5 8700k
MB: Gigabyte z170a
Ram: 16gb
SSD+HDD (Game is on the SSD)

Mouse: Razer Deathadder elite
Keyboard: Corsair k70

Monitor: MSI 32" Curved

Mic: Blue Yeti
Headset: HyperX Cloud II

internet Connection:

I do not have a high ping, nor any disconnects unless it's blizzard side.


Elvui: Skullflower - Just a standard UI overhaul, more appealing than the bloody gryphons
Clique - Mouseover bindings
Weakaura - used for my cooldowns/ raid tier ability's so i can track everything
SimC - So i can quickly sim on the fly if i get a new item, if not trade it to someone else
DBM/BigWigs - Tracking boss timers / get out the stuff on the floor etc
Details - So i can keep tracking of my Healing/HPS and other stuff happening
Warcraftlogs - I do log, but not publicly

99% of my ability's are key-bound, only ones that aren't are ones that are for out-of-combat.

Link of my UI:

Other Games:

Overwatch, Dead by Daylight, CS:GO, Hots, Diablo3, GTAV and on the odd occasion Fortnite

Why Iron Edge?

Stability, i quit mythic raiding at the end of Warlords due to work, having more time on my hands now it means i can focus back into raiding and get back to where i was prior to that, which hopefully is with Iron Edge.

What can I offer Iron Edge?

Consistency, reliability and someone who enjoys doing shitty things like farming, i'm also happy to re-roll to suite the raid teams needs, being a multi-classer i'm happy just playing whatever is needed rather than fixating on one single character.

Where did I hear about Iron Edge?

Advertisement from Vivi who told me to apply or he'd hurt me.

Last Words?

I strongly despise danish people, but other than that, no not really.

September 11, 2018, 11:49:39 am
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Offline Vivi

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Re: Raider Application - Priest (DPS/Healer) - Imso (XR)
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2018, 11:49:39 am »
I can vouch for this guy. Good lad, good heals... Occasionally he is worthy of his name, I just call him priest mostly:P

Good addition to the team. 10/10.

Good luck

September 12, 2018, 02:33:05 pm
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Offline Lethys

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Re: Raider Application - Priest (DPS/Healer) - Imso (XR)
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2018, 02:33:05 pm »
Hi Imso,

Nice and detailed application, I like it.
Working till 6pm on a monday with the raid invites being at 18:40pm UK time, is that going to be a problem or are you going to able to make it in time?

Any comments or statements made by Lethys are not representative of Iron Edge as a whole.

September 12, 2018, 03:18:24 pm
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Offline Imso

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Re: Raider Application - Priest (DPS/Healer) - Imso (XR)
« Reply #3 on: September 12, 2018, 03:18:24 pm »
I live about 15 minute walk from work so i'll be able to get online in time not a problem.

September 12, 2018, 03:58:10 pm
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Offline Lethys

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Re: Raider Application - Priest (DPS/Healer) - Imso (XR)
« Reply #4 on: September 12, 2018, 03:58:10 pm »
Sounds good to me, i'll offer you a trial. We raid tomorrow so don't get saved!
You can whisper an officer for an invite :)

Any comments or statements made by Lethys are not representative of Iron Edge as a whole.


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