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 Weekend Raider Application - Rogue (DPS) - Tagreth

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September 27, 2018, 11:33:06 pm
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Weekend Raider Application - Rogue (DPS) - Tagreth
« on: September 27, 2018, 11:33:06 pm »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying for the Weekend Raid.

Character: Tagreth
Class/Spec: Rogue (DPS)
Member Type: Weekend Raider

Personal Info:

Sanjin Zirić, 26, Bihać - Bosnia and Herzegovina, working full time in court.


I'm playing assassination currently due to the fact I like the play style the most and number wise its up there even tho I have no problems playing other rogue specs.

I pretty much study everything there is regarding my class, I'm on my classes discord discussing every recent change and hotfix.

For stats I sim every item I receive and check/update my stat weights. (Simulationcraft, Pawn + raidbots).


I have 5 level 120 toons: rogue, warrior, priest, paladin, mage.. while other classes are still at 110.


On my rogue I have alch/herb cause I farm my consumables and thats the way I earn some of my gold.

Raiding Experience:

I've been playing for quite long time (vanilla), done a lot of raiding / pvp across the expansions but I hardly ever was a hardcore raider except for BC and Wotlk.

PVP was always more of my thing :).

Previous Guilds:

My last "serious" guild was on Ravencrest (A), left it because I was switching to Horde-Kazzak with my friends.


My work shifts are 08,00 > 15,30 Monday>Friday - usually online at 16,30 (and can be caught doing some WQ at work).


I have no problem whatsoever understanding and speaking english, and yeah I have mic and I use it.

Computer / Connection:

I'm not sure if I'm required to write my PC specs but its decent and I have no FPS issues.
My internet connection is stable and I have 40-50 ms on Kazzak.


For raiding I'm using DBM and WA.

Other Games:

While I'm playing WoW I'm not playing other games, takes too much of my free time as it is but I have been playing CS:GO, Rocket League and lots more.

Why Iron Edge?

Because to be honest I'm in a search for a decent guild and I'm getting pretty tired of PUGin everything. I'm interested in playing with decent players and have fun in doing so.

What can I offer Iron Edge?

I can offer reliable member who knows what hes doing whether it is in a raid environment, a M+ or some PVP content.

Where did I hear about Iron Edge?

A friend of mine told me about it.

Last Words?

Well I saw that recruitment for Weekend Raids are closed at the moment but I guess there could be exceptions to everything and I hope I could get a trial. Looking forward to hearing from you. :)

September 28, 2018, 01:54:46 pm
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Offline Xormn

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Re: Weekend Raider Application - Rogue (DPS) - Tagreth
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2018, 01:54:46 pm »
Hello Tagreth.

Unfortunately, we're stacked with players and even got some that are waiting in line to join, that are currently social in the guild.

Good luck in your search!
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