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 Mythic+ Application - Warrior (DPS/Tank) - Monspeet

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November 30, 2018, 07:08:48 pm
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Mythic+ Application - Warrior (DPS/Tank) - Monspeet
« on: November 30, 2018, 07:08:48 pm »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying to be a Mythic+ member.

Character: Monspeet
Class/Spec: Warrior (DPS/Tank)
Member Type: Mythic+

Personal Info:

My name is Mohammed. I'm 22 year old from Saudi Arabia. I'm a college student who have a lot of free time.
I started playing the game around 7.2. The only reason I didn't start earlier because I knew I would love it and stop playing other games (mostly Destiny) but I did play it and I did stop playing other games.


I play Protection warrior. I understand it is not the most viable tank in M+ but it was my first spec when I started playing this game and I really like it even though people look down on the spec for unjustified reasons.
I also play Arms and Fury but not as much as the protection.


I don't play arena but I have a lot of alts.
I have a blood Death Knight. I say blood because I only played unholy and frost to get the artifact weapons.
I have a demon hunter who was my main in legion I can play both specs on it.
I have a warlock who I like to play with but because it doesn't have a tank spec I stopped playing with it.
I have a druid who I mostly play balance and sometime guardian. It is the newest alt I made so I'm still new to it.
I have a priest who I used my 110 boost on (which was a mistake) it is at 120 but I really don't know how to play it.
I have a shaman and a paladin at 110. Although no healing spec.


I have every profession in BFA and they are all leveled except enchanting ( I have every recipe but it lack the mats) across my alts.
My main is a blacksmith and an engineer. Blacksmith to make armor with if needed and engineer because it is a fun profession.

Mythic+ Experience:

In legion I didn't do much.
I was hoping in BFA that M+ would be a way to me and my friend play the game. Unfortunately, My friends didn't share the same excitement and they stopped playing the game.
I enjoy doing M+ but it is frustrating to pug it. I never leave a M+ group and I stayed through a super frustrating one where we killed the priestess in Atal'Dazar on a +2 in 12 minutes. (only one or two soak the pools).

Previous Guilds:

My previous guild is Archetype. it was a fun and friendly guild unfortunately we had a very small rosters of raiders and most of the time they will bring there friends from other server to down the bosses. We had 2 nights to raid on Wednesday and Sunday. I left the guild because most of the time one of the nights get cancelled and some of the raiders would pug the raid anyway. With the small roster come a lot of restrictions on bosses we never downed Normal Ghun.
tl;dr a small guild that cancelled a lot of raid nights because not enough people showed up.


I'm available through the week after uni which usually ends after 2PM server time. from Thursday till Saturday I'm available all day (my country weekend).


English is not my first language I don't have any trouble understanding it but my problems come when speaking it. I speak in a broken language usually it works fine when calling out stuff but not that much in keeping the conversation.
I have TS and Discord. I have a working blue Ice Microphone.

System / Connection:

My computer is decent. I run wow at 70+ FPS with no issue except when doing World boss with the 40 man raid. My connection is stable I rarely have disconnects (whenever it rains which is rare in my country). My ping is around 116ms sometime it gets to 140 if I'm watching YouTube on the 2nd monitor.


I use Elvui,WeakAura and I switch from using DBM and Bigwigs from time to time. I use the most common addons Details, WQL and most of the QoL addons
This is my UI
I use Razer Orbweaver and Logitech G502 this is my profile

Other Games:

I played Destiny on Xbox One before I bought my PC. It is what led me to WoW.
I played every Dark Souls + Bloodborne.
I play League of Legends from time to time with friends.

Why Iron Edge?

I want to find a community to play with. I'm not the cutting edge mythic raider and I liked that you have a dedicated team for M+. I used to play solo wow which is not fun when it come to the end game and experiencing the contents of an expansion. I want a guild who raid, Do M+ and the occasional PVP. Iron Edge seemed to have what I want in a guild.

What I can offer Iron Edge:

I'm not a goldmaker or a mythic raider nor did I push high keys before but I'm someone who can adapt. I love playing World of Warcraft and I spent so many hours playing it without being bored even in the current state of the game I log in every day to play.

Where I heard about Iron Edge:

the post on WoW forum

Last Words:

I know I don't have any prior experience in the game and I know I don't offer much to the teams but I would be honored to be part of Iron Edge.

November 30, 2018, 08:23:40 pm
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Offline Monspeet

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Re: Mythic+ Application - Warrior (DPS/Tank) - Monspeet
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2018, 08:23:40 pm »
Hi, It's me again I know I can't edit my post nor will I if it was available. I went through the last 4 posts for M+ and found some of the questions that the M+ officer asked and I didn't answer them in my application. ( I know I should have went through them before submitting but that is  my fault.)

I keep my alts neck level up. All of them are above 25 with the main at 31

I have Cooking and Fishing for some reason forgot to mention it as professions. I have every recipe in cooking and rank 3 for both of the feasts.

My rotation as a protection warrior I love popping avatar+Demoralizing shout and Keep thunder clapping mobs. on defensive I usually shield block or Ignore Pain between each thunderclap. (Thunderclap cooldown get to 2.5 sec with the unstoppable force talent which let me choose an ability between each clap.) With the Anger management talent I get to do this every other pull or every pull if they were big pulls.

I also tank as a blood DK but they are super boring outside of the utility they bring.

*Your role and how you add value into a mythic dungeon relating to different affixes and how you see yourself handle some of those challenges
     My class has it limitation in controlling mobs (no grip and the interrupt is on 5yd radius) but even with the limitation on my class I like how it can be rewarding to shokwave, Heroic Leap or Intercept to kite mobs around. I can also pop Rallying cry which help the healer in stressful situations.

*Tools and addons you use to help you cope with mythic plus and the challenges it brings.
I use Gotta go fast for it interface. I use Angry keystone to know what the mob give in the tool tip. I also have Method Dungeon Tool but I use it to know where I can do shortcuts form time to time. I also have WA for M+ it can be seen in my screenshots.

*Your views on importance of survivabilty
You can't dps while dead. As a tank if you can't survive you are useless.

*prep you do to help you achieve success
other than using MDT before the dungeon. I like to be prepare with flasks and food. I also love to come prepare with Revas and Auto-hammer for when it go south and we keep dying. I also have a stack of mana drink in case the healer forgot to bring some. 

* share any aspirations you have from a keys progressive perspective
My aspiration for M+ is to push keys I know it isn't saying much but I love when I'm not playing wow to watch key pushers in twitch and how they do insane keys.
I wanna push keys I don't care about it loot as long as I'm having fun. I want to play with a group who share the same desire.

Do have any logs that shows your typical ability to AOE and single DPS?
 I have my warcraft logs
I don't know if that is helpful or not.

Please can you provide me how your performance has been in M+, what affixes you have found a challenge the most as a melee? (modified it for tank?)
this is my raiderIO
I know I'm missing a few dungeons but I start hating playing everytime I go to the dungeon finder which is not a valid excuse.
In regard to how I deal with affixes I will talk as a tank.
Bolstering,Raging, Teaming , Skittish, Volcanic and Explosive to some extent are all ok affixes who I don't have any problems with them.
Sanguine is ok if in a dungeon who I can use my mobility (not waycrest or tol dagor). and maybe necrotic share the same thing but not when they are together like this week
Bursting and Grievous are the ones I super hate I avoid playing when they are the affixes because a prot warrior don't have a sufficient healing to get rid of grievous and bursting punish my thunder-clapping.
I never tried Quaking or Raging.
with Infested I use my shockwave and sometime Storm bolt to CC. usually it is enough.
Fortifed and tyrannical are two affixed that should have been removed with BFA the level of the key already do a better job. Tyrannical also make me stop pushing any Temble of Sethralis key


December 02, 2018, 01:39:55 am
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Offline Lockstarz - Paul

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Re: Mythic+ Application - Warrior (DPS/Tank) - Monspeet
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2018, 01:39:55 am »
hey Monspeet, I will come back to you tomorrow- thanks for your detail application.

December 03, 2018, 12:54:55 am
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Offline Lockstarz - Paul

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Re: Mythic+ Application - Warrior (DPS/Tank) - Monspeet
« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2018, 12:54:55 am »
Hi Again, nice detailed application - happy to offer you a trial as a M+ to how you fix into IE.

Poke me when your online next time,


December 03, 2018, 01:47:48 am
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Offline Monspeet

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Re: Mythic+ Application - Warrior (DPS/Tank) - Monspeet
« Reply #4 on: December 03, 2018, 01:47:48 am »
Thank you very much. I will contact you soon enough :)


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