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 Weekend Raider Application - Warlock (DPS) - Hellspàwn

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September 08, 2021, 09:20:44 pm
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Weekend Raider Application - Warlock (DPS) - Hellspàwn
« on: September 08, 2021, 09:20:44 pm »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying for the Weekend Raid.

Character: Hellspàwn
Class/Spec: Warlock (DPS)
Member Type: Weekend Raider

Personal Info:

Hello! My name is Julien, I'm a French middle aged man (aka 40yo) who's been playing World of Warcraft since day 1 of beta in Vanilla (so yeah, that's way back in time). Being French doesn't mean I do eat frog legs or snails but I do love my baguette in the morning :-) , so please do not hold that against me, it's just the place I was born, not what defines me. When I’m not working, I do live Toulouse (south of the country, pronounced to loose).

I played within the very same guild since Vanilla day 1 and only had a break from the game during WotLK just before the release of ICC because the guild I was part of wanted to start playing Age of Conan and then Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic.

We played a bit both games but then stopped because they were so many bugs there and the content was sooo poor that it was not worth our time.

While not playing WoW, I enjoyed my time playing offline games and playing with/painting my miniatures (yeah, I do love miniatures games from Games Workshop such as Warhammer Battle, Age of Sigmar, Necromunda, 40k etc) and some other brands from which I collect, built and paint (when time allows) their miniatures.

After a while, I got “sucked” into Rift by a friend of mine, ended up in a guild and played with them for like 2 years. I stopped playing Rift at some point because it was not enjoyable anymore for me. I was not bored by my class (was playing a warrior, eventhoug in Rift, every classes can be doing anything (melee, ranged, tanking and ranged and I played all roles in the game on my class) but by the last expansion. I didn’t like the design of the new zone, and though that the flaws that was present in the game were even more present in that last xpac so I stopped. Stayed in contact with the people I played with but stopped Rift.

Being an network admin (yeah, I used to be an IT guy before trying to sell wines in deluxe resorts) I was following the gaming news and stumbled upon an article that was talking about WoW and how apparently the latest expansion (WoD) was bringing a new breath of life to the game and thought to myself: “well, why not trying to log back on and see if that article is telling the truth or if the game is still as boring as it was for me when I left”…. And that’s where I got hooked again.

I played solo for a while as I was mostly enjoying the game for what it was, a game. I was farming old content, that I missed while not playing (ICC, Cataclysm, Mist of Pandaria) and discovering the changes of the game.

After a while, I started raiding again, mostly in LFR because I was mostly alone in the guild (members were still there but barely logging on) and I met someone there that asked if I was interested in joining their guild.

Decision to leave my original guild was hard and at the same time easy.

I had been part of that guild called “The Brotherhood” on Doomhammer and it was probably the oldest guild of the server since it was created on day 1 of Vanilla. I do remember us farming like crazy to gather the 5g required to buy the Guild Chart and then sign it asap to avoid having the name of the guild taken because the players had been “flagged” with THAT guild name since eons.

"The Brotherhood" existed since Ultima Online days (something like that) and players tended to follow the group when people were switching from one game to another so when all players switched to WoW, it was absolutely impossible for us to be flagged under another guild name.

So yeah, when you’ve been part of the very same guild for years it’s always hard to leave, but I still left cause as I was saying, I was mostly playing solo during WoD because on good days we were barely 8 people online and when I remembered how it was when we were all online (the guild was very very active back in the days (server first (Horde side) of Nefarian in BWL for example iirc, and second on Ragnaros but only by a couple of minutes) and up to the WotLK expansion (pre ICC release) it was doing really great) and how it was when I came back, it mostly felt to be in “Ghost Town”.

So I left and joined a guild called “Ascension”, place that I called home for a few years too until the guild fell apart after a bad merge with another guild that tried to rule out the main raid leader. Some people sided with newcomers, some others sided with original guild, but it was not enough to keep the guild afloat.

I still kept playing, once again, on my own until, I joined a guild called “Hymnet” that was looking for players which was probably one of the lamest guild I played with even if I stayed there for 2 years (mistakes happens). Guess I stayed cause I was liking lots of people there, but then again, being nice doesn’t make loot drop.

While in this guild I started taking advantages of in-game communities and met quite a few interesting people there and starting doing Mythic+ runs with mostly the very same people and at some point, of one them asked the team if we wanted to join her guild because it was recruiting and looking for decent people.
So, I switched to this guild called “Angry Exiles” where I am currently as a social and in which I’m absolutely no longer happy.

Guild was doing really good during BfA and it was very cool while it lasted, but sadly, when SL came out and leadership started to have discussion on the future, lots of people left. I kept raiding with the guild, and also kept doing keys and helping people raiding in communities and oddly enough, I was doing better in the communities than within my own guild.

Finding this quite strange, I started to have a little bit more in depth look at a few things and started to noticed a couple of reasons that explained why. Main thing was that raiding team is filled with people that barely only log on for raids and that barely do anything else on other days (aside for a couple of players) and that expects to see loot drop on mythic while still not being able to fully clear a heroic raid in one night. This might have worked in Bfa, but definitely not possible in SL, or at least not with the level of our players.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely NOT an exceptional players, but I think I’m decent okish enough to try and understand that when something goes wrong, I’m have to find why, and try to fix things, I do not just only shows for raid and hope for people to compensate for me just being decent.

Enough talk about my WoW life. IRL, I've been working as a bartender/waiter for around 10 years, then started working as an IT (think I talked about it earlier) for around 10 years again and after having to endure 2 burn out in the office, I decided it was time to go back to something I liked before, aka bartending so I applied to Club Med and I am now working there as a Wine Cellar Supervisor.

For those that don't know about Club Med it's an all-inclusive type of hotel spreaded all around the world and I'm in charge of trying to sell high quality wines and champagnes as extra to people who are on holidays in our resorts. Right now I'm in a village in the French Alps, but I've been sent to Turkey, Portugal, Mauritius so I travelled a lot, but it didn't prevent me to play WoW cause I always found a solution.

I think I'm a nice person, always happy to help when I can and always looking to do better (at least in wow). I like animals, I like to listen to music, talk with people (hell, I'm in a job where talking is technically what I do all day hehehe). I'm single and do not have any children (how can you have chlidren when you're sometimes the one who is the children? :p plus I wouldn't want to share all my toys/miniatures with a small version of me ^^)


I mostly play destruction because I quite like how it plays, so I would say it is my main spec. I like how it can do big numbers and that it can perform super nicely for bursting phases but I do not mind switching specs if it matters to the fight (aka adds controls, etc).
My gear level right now is 232. Main reason is that I have been sent to a resort this summer where I hadn't been able to play as much as I used to be and I kinda got stuck with a planning that didn't allowedme to raid with my old community but I clearly miss it.

I do play a Necrolord Warlock, and always have since Vanilla day 1 (well not the Necrolord part as this one is only since SL. I always enjoyed how the class was performing (even if some times it was not doing as good as some others). Regarding the stats, I go for Haste/Mastery, then some Crit to get big numbers. Goal is to keep my damaging boost abilities up while casting Chaos Bolt and filling them with Incinerate, keeping the Roaring Blaze up and the Immolate, casting a nice Cataclysm/Rain of Fire to drop hell (no, not me) on groups of mobbs whlile the Infernal does his nice aoe too.
As for the Covenant choice, I chose Necrolord because it was obvious for me to be there as a warlock. I do know that gay fairies can perform a little bit better but I strongly thing that lore wise/class wise, it's more obvious to be a Necrolord as a Warlock


I do sometimes play a Death Knight with the Unholy spec, but since I started working again after the lockdown, I haven't logged it because I could only keep one too afloat, and still barely


I started playing the game with Tailoring and mining because back in the days, tailoring was nice for crafting big bags (still is) and mining was nice to get some nice crystals from the Adamantium veins, but then I dropped mining for skining as it was making more sense. I can craft all the nice big bags, and some of the rank 4 legendaries for clothies, but tbh, I'm not sure that profession for basic stuff is relevant anymore.

Raiding Experience:

I raided mythic with all my previous guilds (well, when mythic was settled in game cause in The Brotherhood, we couldn't heheh).
With Ascension, I raided Mythic NH up until Star Augur (last boss I downed before next raid/guild)
With Hymnet, I raided Mythic Uldir until Vectis (last boss I downed before next raid/guild)
With Angry Exiles, I raided Mythic BoD up until Conclave of the Chosen, Mythic EP until Lady Ashvane, Nya up until Carapace of N'zoth (that we didn't managed to down) and then I raided Mythic Castly Nathria up until Huntsman (I killed all of the other mythic while in a community raid where I met Xormn)

As for pvp, well, I do not like pvp, for me, WoW is NOT a pvp game

Previous Guilds:

Guess I covered that part in the personal information. I can sum it up here:
The Brotherhood: I left because it was ghost town
Ascension: I left because it was failing apart
Hymnet: I left because guild was failing apart
Angry Exiles : I'm still there as a social, but I'm not happy there anymore


Right now, I'll be fully available on the 14th of September. I'm still currently working in the French Alps resorts and my planning doesn't allow me to be available on Sundays. I will be on holidays for 2 weeks and will then hopefully be heading to Mauritius where I will hopefully be able to NOT work on sunday and thus raid with the team.


I have absolutely no issues talking in english and as you may have noticed I do not have problems writing in english either. I do talk a lot, but I do hate when people are chit chating during fights, especially progressing. I absolutely do not mind the usual banters and other chats during trash etc, but boss fights, are boss fights and people need to focus on what's happening/about to happen.
Of course, when it's farming nights, and that things are going smoothly, banters and chit chat/jokes are more than welcome. I do use discord, I do have a mic and use it with push to talk (heavy breathing is not nice to hear)

Computer / Connection:

Right now I do play thanks to the resort wifi and my latency is about 25ish MS. I play on a decent computer (Alienware laptop with an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz, a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070. Connection is stable.
When at home, I play with a desktop computer that is decent too and connection is optic fiber so my latency is like 5ish MS.
As of right now, I rarely disconnect.


For raiding I use Method Raid Tools (previously Exorsus Raid Tools), Weak Auras, Deadly Boss Mods.
Method Raid Tools I use it because it allows all the raiders to have notes from the Raid Leader regarding enounters, special actions that needs to be done, automatic target marking etc.
Weak Auras because it allows me to have massive warning messages on the screen regarding specific actions that needs to be done
Deadly Boss Mods to get the warning regarding things that needs to be interrupted, soaked etc (WA is an addition to that).
Otherwise, main UI is based on ElvUI that I personalized to my likings
I'm not a clicker, I press all my keys on my keyboards. I also play with a razer Naga Trinity that allows me to have more keybinds to perform stuff like the extra actions, rez people

Other Games:

Online games, I do like Grand Theft Auto (big fan of the serie), I do like some FPS too like Dishonored, Hitman, Left4Dead. I do not like online FPS like Call of Duty etc, I prefer the solo campaigns. I also like games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, but also some more normal ones like Theme Hospital, Theme Park, Sim City, City Skylines, Planet Coaster, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Heroes of Might and Magic, Carmaggeddon and some other I can't remember the names.
As for "board games" well, as I said, I'm a big fan of Games Workshop games and other compagnies, and I like board games in general

Why Iron Edge?

I want to be able to join a new place that I'll be able to call home. As of right now, I'm not happy where I am. I've always been part of guild that I was enjoying being part of, but nowadays the one I am in is not to my liking. I would like to join a guild that is active, I want to see an active green chat where players banter each other, where people just ask if people are interested to do keys or help with WQ, kill rares, do mount runs.

What can I offer Iron Edge?

A reliable person that will be happy to help, that likes to chat/communicate, a little bit goofy sometimes but a good person all in all that will show for raids ready, with consumables, on time, with repaired gear, and tactics read to be prepared

Where did I hear about Iron Edge?

I played with Xormn in Happy's Pug and he's the one who told me the guild was looking for players

Last Words?

First of all, I'd like to thanks Xormn for the opportunity to apply and apologize at the same time as it took me almost 2 months to apply. Work has been crazy and as I said, I got fucked up in my planning when I started since my off day couldn't be on Sunday which was not compatible with the workload of the village and then I was just under a massive amount of work that basically didn't allowed me to do anything else than eat, sleep, work and repeat, but the time has come now to take back my time and be available again.
I also want to thank people for reading all the things I could write and I do hope that it wasn't boring and that it'll be decent enough for you to consider me joining you guys.

September 09, 2021, 07:20:46 am
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Offline Xormn

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Re: Weekend Raider Application - Warlock (DPS) - Hellspŕwn
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2021, 07:20:46 am »
Hello Hellspawn.

I am glad you finally had a chance to apply and your app is pretty impressive.

I do have a question though: does that mean that, even if you'd join, you won't be able to raid until the 14th of September (which basically means you won't raid this week)?
What happens if you can't take Sunday evenings off?
Ba dun tss!

September 09, 2021, 08:56:22 am
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Offline Hellspawn

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Re: Weekend Raider Application - Warlock (DPS) - Hellspŕwn
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2021, 08:56:22 am »
Yeah, took my time after you talked about it, but I indeed thought that an app needed to be worth your time :)

Right now the resort I'm working in is closing on saturday and I'm not working Sunday evening, so I think that I should be able to raid this Sunday.
As for the next resort, last time I was there, I specifically asked for the Sunday and it was possible and I'm pretty sure it will be again. This summer was kinda special because of all the activities linked to the Wine Cellar, but those activities are not present in the next resort so chances are high. But if I can't have my Sunday off, then I will still be happy with a social spot.

Hope this is clear enough :)

September 09, 2021, 09:14:32 am
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Offline blodak

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Re: Weekend Raider Application - Warlock (DPS) - Hellspŕwn
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2021, 09:14:32 am »
For what it’s worth ill put down a memory here,

I’ve been in hymnet like hellspawn too i do remember him a bit as a friendly good player.
For hellspawn i used to heal on Grakez a shaman if u remember.

Goodluck on the apply!

September 10, 2021, 12:16:14 am
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Offline Xormn

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Re: Weekend Raider Application - Warlock (DPS) - Hellspŕwn
« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2021, 12:16:14 am »
You can poke an officer for an invite!
Fingers crossed you can actually raid as well :)

Ba dun tss!


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