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Title: The Last OSL Finals
Post by: Palmar on August 02, 2012, 03:38:05 am
Not many of you follow Brood War, nevertheless it's the biggest esport the world has ever known, on just about every quantifiable scale. But it's legacy is basically coming to a definite end with it's iconic starleague in it's final season. Even if you don't follow competitive starcraft, there is a very good reason to wake up and tune in 11am on saturday morning.


In a pretty cool storyline the same players are facing off in the finals as last season, so if anyone is interested enough in the competition to try to get familiar with the players, there's an epic series between the two last brood war heroes in the form of the previous OSL

Here's the first game in that series, the entire thing is very much worth watching, you should find the following games in the related section or on nukethestars's page.

nukethestars is the commentator, he's entertaining!

Jangbi is a protoss player for Samsung Khan, easily their best player at the moment. He rose to fame early as one of the six dragons, an era where six protoss players rose above all their peers and dominated the brood war scene for a while. Most notable of those players is Bisu, who's for time now been considered the best protoss player in the world.

The wiki article on him is well worth reading.

Jangbi beat the zerg player Zero in the semi-finals, who is a very strong Zerg, and the series between them is something for the ages. It may be one of the most dramatic series I've ever seen. Some of the translations from the Korean commentators from the legendary game 4 as Jangbi pushed desperately out of his base against all odds include things like "This is it... one last push for Aiur, the protoss always have one last push!" If you never watch any Brood War at all, and have no interest in it's legacy... watch this game.

The backstory is that Jangbi is down 1:2 and facing elimination should he lose again, and Zero plays very well early on.

The korean commentary is just too good even if you have no idea what they're saying.

Fantasy, the challenger, is also the one who lost his throne to Jangbi. As Fantasy was the reigning champion since the 2010-2011 OSL. Fantasy is an excellent player but playing terran has put him permanently in the shadow of Flash. Incidentally Fantasy made Flash look like a damn chobo in the semi-finals. The series was nowhere near as exciting as the other semi-final series, but taking down Flash, the ultimate weapon, in such a convincing way is just a great example of Fantasy's skill.

His nickname is "the terrorist", mostly because of his excellent harass throughout the games, his signature unit is the terran vulture.

Fantasy has a knack for coming in second, but he has tasted victory in the past and seems very confident for the finals. He is a very mechanically skilled player, and this finals Jangbi won't have the Legend of the Fall ( backing him up.

So, who's going to wake up and watch this stuff! It's your last chance at the greatest game!

OSL Hype video! Are you ready?

[ Invalid YouTube link ] <--- This is where the games will be live <--- teamliquid hype thread <--- moletrap will do an official cast in English <--- Teamliquid main thread for the Finals.

More hype pictures in the spoiler:



Title: Re: The Last OSL Finals
Post by: Banne on August 04, 2012, 06:50:54 pm
 nice commodore 64 game +D , dont joke with us palmar!
Title: Re: The Last OSL Finals
Post by: Palmar on August 04, 2012, 09:46:56 pm
bitch please, learn to appreciate greatness.
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