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Title: Weekend Raider Application - Shaman (DPS) - Chlamythia
Post by: Applicant on September 16, 2019, 03:07:30 pm
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying for the Weekend Raid.

Character: Chlamythia
Class/Spec: Shaman (DPS)
Member Type: Weekend Raider

Personal Info:

My name is Olle Andersson and I'm 28 years old. I live in Sweden and I'm unemployed for the moment. I studied IT when I went to school but all my knowledge got worthless when windows 8 came so if you need help with your XP or Vista, just contact me. Soon moving to Stockholm together with my girlfriend. I'm one of those rare guys who knows how to read a book so I do that alot. Mostly Stephen King tho since he is my favorite author. Have some books signed. I'm also probably that one swede who has seen the most tv-shows of all and I love to discuss them with anyone who has the same taste in shows as me.


I play elemental. The thing is that I've mained shadow priest for 10 years.  After Uldir I felt that I wanted something different and since shaman was gonna get a rework I changed to it. I have not yet found time to test enhancement or healing so I have no gear for that. I have 432 ilvl but my 400 trinket is draging that down. Can't replace that one yet tho until I get something better.

My stats now are Int>Crit=Haste>Vers>Mastery. Vers is my mainstat as it empowers my crits from Lava Burst but I have more than I need and that's why crit and haste is worth more atm.
I go with the fire build that's a single target build which do more damage if there are more than one target avalible. For example: The third boss in Freehold. I flame shock the training dummies that's in the background just to get more lava surge procs so I get more damage on the boss.
My gear is fully optimized for it right now and it's really viable in raiding environment.
My rotation is basically flame shock and lightning bolts unless I have a lava burst ready or a lava surge proc. That lava burts increases the damage of my earth shock so if I'm above 60 maelstrom I shock and that earth shock powers up my next lightning bolt which I can powerup even more with Stormkeeper. It's sounds more complicated than it is but it's in the fingers now.


I have a shadow priest on around 426 ilvl (with the same 400 trinket as the shaman) and a blood death knight on 434 that I play M+ with.


I have herbalism and alchemy on the shaman. Everything rank 3 from BFA but nothing from earlier expansions since the character is new.

Raiding Experience:

I've been raiding every raid there is exept for Vanilla Naxx and Ulduar. During Ulduar I took a break and after that break was when I created my priest. I was hunter back in vanilla and tbc.
I have AOTC from MsV, ToES, SoO, Highmaul, BrF, ToV, NH, ToS, Uldir, BoD and VoC.
My CE are from HfC and EN. Was close in Nighthold but never got Gul'dan down.

Previous Guilds:

Rhythm on Zenedar was my latest one. It's a guild with lots of irl friends from Sweden. We have played together since Wotlk and always had focus on getting things down. This year most players didn't care about either necks or islands and now when classic came and all of them changed game I felt that it was time for me to change from that dead server forever and never look back again. The main reason why I moved didn't have something to do with the guild tho. It was because the server was so dead and became even more dead when classic came out. Our auction house had a total of 15 items out during one time. I do still have contact with them and play dungeons sometimes.


I'm always available. The only time I've probably will be busy will be when I move in November but the new apartment will have internet so I will be able to play if I'm home and not on the road between.


I'm not the best at speaking but I'm far from the worst. I understand it perfectly and I make myself understandable. I don't have TS3 installed right now but I've used it before and I know how it works. I own a Siberia Steelseries 840 and I use it daily.

Computer / Connection:

My computer is up to date with no FPS issues. My internet connection is stable but sometimes stuff happens with it (Very seldom) but that's for a minute or two and then it's stable again. My internet provider says that it's the cables in the walls and I don't wanna fix that now when I'm soon moving. My ping is low on Kazzak, I doesn't lag and I doesn't disconnect every hour.


I use Weakauras and Bigwigs. Always up to date with the latest updates.
I have lightning bolt on 4 and chain lightning on shift-4. Flasks and pots are also hidden. Cleanse Spirit on Shift-Mouseback, Thunderstorm on Shift-G, Hex on Shift-T and Earthbind Totem on Shift-V.
At the bottom left is where my Grid is. Not shown on the picture since I'm not in a raidgroup and bottom right is for meters.

Other Games:

WoW is my main game and will always be. I also play Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Assassin Creed, Tap Titans 2, Cookies Inc, Egg, Inc and Legend of Blades.

Why Iron Edge?

Because a one day raid is perfect for me right now. When I heard that you had a group for that I got interested immediately. Later on I will also apply to the main raid when I'm set down at the new apartment if that's something I've proven my worth for.

What can I offer Iron Edge?

I can offer a helping hand, lots of laughs and a cool environment. I never rage on other players unless it's a joke and everyone including that person is up for it. I joke alot but never lie. If people believes in stuff I say and it's not true I make sure that they know it. I love to run lower dungeons with the tank just to help others.

Where did I hear about Iron Edge?

Spetsnaz contacted me and told me to apply to you.

Last Words?

I love pizza. Also I just got a heartattack. When I was gonna upload the picture of my UI to imgur my Chrome Client crashed and when I restored it I was back to the first page. I thought I had to redo my entire application, haha.

Title: Re: Weekend Raider Application - Shaman (DPS) - Chlamythia
Post by: Xorm on September 16, 2019, 03:15:53 pm
Hello there.

Happy you applied! It's a pretty decent app as well. Few things:

1. You should have your friend vouch for you on the forum :)

Later on I will also apply to the main raid when I'm set down at the new apartment if that's something I've proven my worth for.
- none of our teams are stepping stones. When you join a team, you mostly stick to it. There have been rare occasions where we allowed switching teams, but they are quite rare. Is that ok with you?

Sorry to hear about your heart attack. And i also love pizza.
Title: Re: Weekend Raider Application - Shaman (DPS) - Chlamythia
Post by: Blasphemia on September 16, 2019, 03:22:19 pm
I'm so used to Blasphemia (My priest) so with all the haste I have on him I choose that name instead of Chlamythia on the forums but this is me!
That's okey with me. I'll stick around for as long as you want me wherever you want me.

Do you like pineapple on your pizza?  8)
Title: Re: Weekend Raider Application - Shaman (DPS) - Chlamythia
Post by: Xorm on September 17, 2019, 04:27:33 pm
Do you like pineapple on your pizza?  8)

No. It's a blasphemy.

I'd like to offer you a trial, so please poke any officer for an invite.