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Title: Weekend Raider Application - Druid (DPS/Healer/Tank) - Jaara
Post by: Applicant on December 02, 2019, 03:54:40 pm
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying for the Weekend Raid.

Character: Jaara
Class/Spec: Druid (DPS/Healer/Tank)
Member Type: Weekend Raider

Personal Info:


My name is Murat. I am a 32 years old Turkish mechanical engineer living and working in Eindhoven, Netherlands. I work as a design engineer in precision mechanics field.
I am married without kids. We have a lovely female 1.5 years old German shepherd - which loses her temper from time to time-.
Other than gaming I have a few more hobbies; I am a drummer, played lastly in a prog-metal band and I like to make long motorcycle trips with my wife -we were in the Swiss and Italian Alps this year!-
My wife says that she does not understand how I can play the same game for 14 years now. Well.. I can't understand how she married a man with a Horde symbol tattooed on his arm and then cannot questioning stuff like that :)


I am applying as a Balance druid, as the ad was open for a ranged dps, but I can perform on all three roles as potent as others.
The character is currently resto specced for dungeon runs, because it is the easiest way to gather an acceptable level of gear in order to apply to a serious guild. I have returned to the game after 6-7 months of break due to the inactivity of my guild.
This gear is pretty much valid for my balance gear too (the healing trinket will be replaced with a very sub-optimal dps trinket) and the mastery gems will be re-gemmed.

My OS:
I can Guardian and Restoration as potent as balance (if not better). I am a very seasoned player, played with different classes and roles in my long history: healing for TBC-CATA; Ranged dps in WotLK-MoP-WoD and finally tanking since the start of Legion. I will provide a list of characters later to back up those words. I can easily fill all the roles stated above in a competitive way. And I am willing to keep my sets updated in order to ensure that.

While choosing the character that I will play in my return I specifically chose the Druid because it is the only class that can be played with all 4 duties. I have read enough complaints about the essence system that convinced me that I won't be able to maintain various alts as I used to do in the past.

I played with my Druid during Legion, due to its overpowered status in tanking scene. I also had Balance as my off-spec, and was occasionally playing as a ranged dps when we had abundance of tanks.
Balance druid seems to be in a very good state for single target or cleave situations right now. The primary stat of the spec is intellect. For the secondary stats crit and haste leads in terms of weight with haste being one notch heavier.

For single target fights I would use: Nature's balance-Starlord(Incarnation)-Stellar flare-Shooting stars. This will enable me to maintain a very nice damage output all along the long fight. For fights that causes trouble in burst phases I would go for incarnation until the issue is fixed. But at this stage of a patch I highly doubt it is necessary.
For cleave fights: Nature's balance-Starlord(Incarnation)-Twin moons-Shooting stars Until I am more confortable with the rotation of the spec. Then I'd go with Stellar flare up to 3 targets.

Opener: Solar Wrath (SW) pre cast-Starsurge(SS)-Moonfire(MF)-Sunfire(SF)-Stellar flare(StF)-SW
Sustaining phase:
- avoid is to overcap the astral power: Using SS in order to avoid that
- %100 uptime for MF-SF-Stf (WA2 ftw!)
- Keep track of the empowerments: need to be very aware of where you are heading

Arcanic Pulsar: a strong azerite trait that needs specific preparation in order to maximize and use it as an CD:
- 8th SS, wait till got 80+ astral power
- 9th SS
- SW with aiming 2 SS in between
- Try to put 1 last dot before the buff fades.

On top of that I have lots of utiliy that can be usefull occasionally, like typhoon, mass entanglement , soothe  etc etc


I have many characters in max level, and many more stuck @110, which I plan to level up sometime.  I want to underline that none of them are currently relevant but here are my alts: // blood DK (last character I have raided with) // prot paladin // ele-resto shaman // veng DH // Affli lock // fire mage

They are mainly there for professions.


I've chosen JC and Alchemy:
I am a big fan of alchemy because it helps the economy in a regular way. I love 2 hours long flasks! And of course selling them helps a lot.
I used to have herbalism coupled with Alch, but due to item level reasons (in order to find groups for pugs or m+s) I leveled up JC.
I have herbalism in one of my alts and have that ugly ugly robot that allows me to collect herbs without dismounting. But I would deffinitely go back to herb at the start of another expansion.

Raiding Experience:

Raiding experience:
Vanilla: none (I was level 56-57 when TBC hit) I killed Onyxia and 9/10 MC in Classic with my hunter if that counts :P
TBC: (where i started to raid like a no-lifer) Characters: Siym - Resto shaman //  Lirthas - Combat Rogue
Kara: Cleared
GL: Cleared
ML: Cleared
SSC: Cleared
TK: Cleared
MH: Cleared
BT: Clreared
SWP: 4/6 before nerfs 6/6 after nerfs.

WotLK: Ruukhjinai - Hunter (Started SV-MM after uduar until they have removed armor penetration)
Naxx 10/25: cleared
EoE 10/25: Cleared
OS-3D 10/25: Cleared
Ulduar 10/25: Cleared (algalon only in 10)
ToC: 10/25 Normal: Cleared (Heroic: no boss)
ICC 10 hc: Cleared ICC 25hc 11/12
RS normal: Cleared

Cata: Daenas - Holy paladin // Ruukhjinai - SV hunter
BWD: n5/6 h3/6
BoT: n4/4  h1/5
ToFW: n2/2 h0/2
FL: n7/7 h6/7 or 7/7 (I don't remember if I have killed Ragnaros while it was relevant of in a later patch)
DS: n8/8 (pala&hunter) h8/8 (hunter only)

MoP: Ruukhjinai-BM Hunter // Ghortar - Ele Shaman

MV: n6/6 h3/6
HoF: n6/6 h2/6
ToES: n4/4 h1/4
ToT: 0/11 (my first big break)
SoO: n14/14  h10/14 m14/14

WoD: Ghortar-ele shaman//Rhaaja-mage

HM: h7/7 m5/7
BF: h10/10 m0/10
HFC: h12/13 m13/13

Legion: Daenas-prot pala/Damao-Brewmaster monk/Jaara-guardian druid/Gaasha-blood DK role: tank based on which one was better at any given patch
EN: h7/7 m7/7
ToV: -
Nighthold: h10/10 m4/10
ToS: h9/9 m0/9
Antorus: h11/11

BfA: Gaasha - Blood DK
Uldir: h8/8 m2/8
BoD: h7/9 m1/9 (and guild died)
EP: n4/8 h0/8 m0/8

I have played with a lot of character along the 14 years I played the game. That is why it is quite hard to track back this CV. But I would be glad to answer your questions, if there are any about this part.
One last point that might arise some question marks is the number of different characters that I have played along the way. I kept refreshing my joy with different characters so far. Performed better in some and less in others. The most shining moments of my 'career' was from TBC to the end of Cata, where I was mainly a resto shaman, a hunter or a holy pala. After cata, the amount of time I could spare to WoW got less and less. But I somehow managed to play more or less in a competitive environement during MoP. And finally from WoD to today, I'm a retired old hardcore raider with certain level of experience and skill set.

Previous Guilds:

 <Supreme> (Vashj-EU//disbanded)
<Mojo Madness> (Vashj-EU)
<Mojo Madness> (Vashj-EU//left to join <Shine> where IRL friends played)
<Shine> (Haomarush-EU//merged with <CATASTROPHE>- didn't follow them and established <eia> with IRL friends
<eia> (Twisting Nether-EU)
<eia> Disbanded the guild due to abscence of many core members
<Attic> Established the guild with my cousins
<Attic> disbanded the guild due different expectations from the game
<Pog Champ> Social
<Apotheosanity> the guild is dead at the moment. We barely have 3-4 regular players online. I got informed that noone is returning for the upciming patch. So I started to looking for a guild with signs of life.


Sundays are a perfect fit for my agenda. Both raid slots of the ToT and week-end raid team fits me perfectly.

The main raid also has a very valid agenda for myself, but I do not see myself perform at cutting edge level with all my rust at the moment. That is why I hope that this application can be considered and discussed for both ToT and weekend team.


I am proficient in English. It is the daily language that I use at work and social life. (I hope any Dutch guild members will not weird out with this remark) I am still in process to learning Dutch!

I was very vocal in discord in my guild, mainly because I was a tank for the past 1.5 expansions. I never shy out from communicating via vent. I am not very talkative due to my personality. But I will communicate when it is needed.

Computer / Connection:

I have a very good computer. Very stable and fast connection. I did not experienced and disconnects lately. If it happens it would be an exception.

If needed I can provide more detail about my gaming setup. But I can assure you that I won't have any fps issue for the next 5-6 years.


List of add-ons:

I will attach a Screenshot of my UI for the Druid when I log in to the game later today. I hope that won't be an issue.

Other Games:

There are some series that I cannot stop buying each year:
Football Manager
nba 2k

And some others that I currently play:
are the ones that I can count in one go

Why Iron Edge?

There are a few reasons that I would like to join:
- Guild seems alive (I've been checking your online member numbers while I was trying to pick up my character to a level that I feel I will be taken seriously)
- Old school website, with visibly nice community.
- The group photo that is on the main page of the website. I missed those kind of events.
- Weekend raid team seems like a perfect fit to my expectations from a raid team.
- ToT-raid is also a nice option in case I'm found to be not in shape for mythic raiding.

What can I offer Iron Edge?

- Veteran Raider who knows the game very well
- very flexible and can perform all roles of trinity in similar levels.
- reliable player/performer
- due to old habits, I signal every abscence in advance.
- I always come prepared for the raids. I also like to play other PvE content that allows me perform better in raids
- I was founder of 2 very competitive guilds and was role officer in one even more competitive guild. I know how difficult to keep something going. That is why I do my best to contribute, at least I try to not add burden.

Where did I hear about Iron Edge?


Last Words?

I will post the UI screenshot later this evening
My battletag is Daenor#1809 in case you want to have a chat.
It is more or less all I can think I can share

Thank you for the time that you've spent reading this application!

Title: Re: Weekend Raider Application - Druid (DPS/Healer/Tank) - Jaara
Post by: Xorm on December 02, 2019, 05:44:11 pm
Hello there, Murat.

I've got 2 questions for you:

1. Why are you using skada? All the cool kids are using Details now.
2. You haven't raided mythic this expansion and I have to say that the bar has gotten quite high in terms of difficulty. You also seem a bit undergeared.
We're planning on mostly focusing on hc->mythic. Think you'll be able to get your gear and essences in check till the new raid?
Title: Re: Weekend Raider Application - Druid (DPS/Healer/Tank) - Jaara
Post by: Rhaaja on December 02, 2019, 06:37:50 pm
Hello Xormn,

Thank you for your questions;

1- I have no specific reason for using skada or other damage meters. I downloaded it because I was familiar with the interface. And gives me what I want. I have checked what the cool kids use nowadays. Seems much more... detailed.

2- You are right about your comment. I think I can handle the mechanics. And I'm working on the gear. The essences are another issue. I make the daily quests everyday. Run as many dungeons as possible with a full time job. But finding a reliable PuG to raid is not possible with my item level at the moment. So I mainly rely on my solo effort for now.

My UI as promised: (

Title: Re: Weekend Raider Application - Druid (DPS/Healer/Tank) - Jaara
Post by: Xorm on December 03, 2019, 06:39:51 pm
Ok then.

I'll offer you a trial for the new tier :)
Poke any officer for an invite.