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Title: Raider Application - Death Knight (DPS/Tank) - Khannon
Post by: Applicant on September 21, 2020, 08:51:39 pm
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying for the main raid.

Character: Khannon
Class/Spec: Death Knight (DPS/Tank)
Member Type: Raider

Personal Info:

Name: Maido
Age: 31
Location: Estonia
Work: Electrical Engineer


Throughout expansions, I have played in raiding environment all DK specs, but I mostly enjoy Blood because tanking has been my main focus. I just came back to BFA after I decided to play SL expansion, so I've been picking up gear level from ~380 (from when I quit BFA, during Uldir/M+ S1).

Blood DK -  Versatility => Haste. Early expansion I typically love to stack haste to get faster rune recharges and more offensive power. There's no significant changes to how DS and mastery work in SL, so we are still looking for haste/versatility.
My personal DK playstyle.
For raiding, I generally go all out on damage. If boss has any kind of short-succession damage mechanic that does rapid hits on tank, Blood DK can take advantage of that and save RP to negate those hits via DS without needing excessive cooldowns or healing (obviously this depends on how much damage such mechanic does).
For M+, I conserve my RP because we can kite and often times must kite or I need to give healer breathing room.

Raiding and M+ are 2 completely different environments.
This is how in my opinion the progression happens for tank players, at the launch of expansion entry raid is simple (always been), oppose to (Gold Challenge prior) M+ that immediately starts to scale up in difficulty and without power creep and optimized gear/stats it's much harder to get into then later stages of an expansion, I don't know how this was for Legion, but for BFA, I made over 2M gold for boosting M+10 for gear box.

I mainly had frost as my off-spec I also played as frost in raids early BFA. Frost has always been simple, but also boring, I personally don't care if it's boring, I also choose the spec that does most damage and adapt to it, during WoD I played Unholy and it is definitely a lot more enjoyable spec to play then frost.

Frost main stats have shifted over the time as the spec has also gone through changes. Currently Crit/Mastery are main stats. However in SL with the return of 2h frost, we could see Crit/Haste for 2h while Crit/Mastery for DW reason for that is: 2h was called Obliterate spec, Obliterate does psychical damage so you don't really benefit from mastery as much as DW, but I really don't know how they end up making 2h scale and work again.
Frost Breath spec general rota: Pre-pot > PoF > RW > HB > 2x Obli > FF/BoS. If below 50 RP > ERW.  I'm not gonna include the Essence ability since this is gone in SL anyway(but also I didn't raid with Essence ability in progress) and replaced with new stuff to play with.

Unholy I played this spec the least, but it looks very good in SL, I'm out of date how this spec gears nowdays, however should I choose this spec to be either my main spec in raids or M+ I would just go through some icy-veins for basics, from just looks of it, they are simplifying the spec  a lot which is why a lot of DK's are looking for this as main DPS spec, but also again, because Frost is relativly boring DPS spec.


My mage in alliance side is 120.


During BFA launch flasks/pots were so expensive and more or less my entire M+ team ended up herb/alc to cut the expenses. Nothing more to it.

Raiding Experience:

WotLK - I was resto druid main, loved every second of it, did all relevant content in respectable timeframe, including 'the Immortal' and my guild at the time pulled off, one time tribute to insanity 25-man, unironically I couldn't raid that day and we never repeat it again. I played WotLK from launch to end.
Cata - Mostly skipped this expansion, they destroyed the resto druid I loved, I played multiple different classes on casual level and did very little of raiding. I also had to attend in army at the time.

MoP - Rerolled to DK, did some raiding, probably only noteworthy raiding experience was SoO HC, I was among the first few in server (Sylvanas-EU, Alliance) to obtain Gold CM set.

WoD - Slowballed, I couldn't find a guild that didn't die within few weeks of me joining, I eventually ended up with Unknown Entity (Sylvanas-EU), where I stuck my neck out to help them rebuild the guild that had lost 90% of it's core members. I also yet again did Gold-CM as 1st or 2nd DK in server, prior to release of raid content.

Legion - Played a little early on, my IRL commitments didn't allow me to time to play much at all, safe to say I skipped this expansion.

-- I have played as healer, tank and DPS in  top 500-1k guilds throughout expansions generally, depending on how much free time I have available.

Previous Guilds:

I'll bring up noteworthy guild only.
WotLK - Aeon Earthen Ring-EU (they moved to another realm, I forgot the name, I think they also stopped raiding after Legion). -- technically I never left until I left realm and started character to play with a friend in Sylvanas-EU, but at the time they had gone through massive roster changes and I didn't like or wanted to play with new people so I naturally gravitated towards alternative path.

MoP - Only noteworthy guild would be really Betrayers of Humanity who were formed at the end of expansion to become 20-man mythic guild, but since they merged with another 10-man guild, they decided to stop raiding altogether.

WoD - I joined bunch of guilds that died quickly, eventually ended up with Unknown Entity - left during BFA, they didn't have raiding spot at the time.
I was trial for Honolulu for 2 weeks, when my M+ team rogue decided M+ pushing is too intense and he wants to step away from M+ pushing scene, at the time my team was EU-Alliance 2nd best team, with 3rd team being in Honolulu unironically. It was difficult decision for me, because I really loved Sylvanas-EU server even though it was always difficult to find raiding guilds in there, because it only had a couple really good guild and then bunch of below-average guilds, but we decided to move to Horde side to have better options to play high level M+, most of my team had found raiding guild prior to move, because I played a tank role mainly, I didn't really look or plan to find a guild, for me M+ was good enough at the time, I do enjoy raiding, but M+ pushing was my main goal at the time.


Generally most, all evenings, it would be announced ahead of time when I'm not available.


I never had issues when it comes to english communications, I do have microphone and I'm not shy to use it at all.

Teamspeak 3, woah, it's been some time..., won't be problem to use it, but I generally prefer discord.

Computer / Connection:

I'm very confident that my rig and connection won't be cause of single wipe. I paid good money for my rig and I have bullet-proof ISP. My ping in Kazzak is 35-40ms. FPS ~100 in M+ environment, ~60+ in mythic 20-man.


I really don't have problem showing my UI, but it's work in progress right now and I will either end up using modified version of my friend UI (StonefaceTV) or make completely new one. I'm extremely keybind heavy and it was one of few things BFA felt a lack of, I had so many keybinds unfilled.
My general keybinds go from: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Q, E, R, T, G, F, V, X, C. Alt+F, Q, E, 1, 2, 3. Shift+X, C, Q, E, T, F, 1, 2, 3. F1, F2, F3, F4, F5. Most of this is generally hidden bars because I don't need to see them, also a lot of them are for raid markers, Opie Wheel, raid beacons additional macros or scripts etc. I have 18-Macro keys keyboard and Razer-Naga with 12 side buttons so many of those generic keybinds are simply built into keyboard 1 button or mouse side button.
If you really must see what it looks like, imagine that with DK spec.

Other Games:

FPS games generally, as of late tried some moba action too, also RPG's.

Why Iron Edge?

I'm just looking for guilds to join, and I generally try to avoid guild without decent history, because they tend to die I guess better wording is come and go type of guilds.

What can I offer Iron Edge?

Years of experience in PvE content, help or assist in progression raiding beyond just spot filler (only if you want). Guidance in M+ scene which is about to change again in SL and all your powers will be stripped. Lots of players who had high RIO in Legion didn't know how to play M+ in early BFA. Since I didn't get 'used' to play with all the BFA powers, SL will be right back to my home-territory, nothing put raw!

Where did I hear about Iron Edge?


Last Words?

You might wonder why I stopped playing BFA, right after server and faction change, after couple weeks in horde side (Kazzak) my team kind of took gas off from petal, the recent weeks were terrible for pushing high keys and we didn't exactly found a filler DPS, myself and other team founder who is now known as StonefaceTV joined Musclebrah(Streamer) for those couple of weeks prior to his MDI. I also didn't know how to approach a need for raiding guild, I seriously hated Azerite gear so much, because how much it mattered in early BFA I had not gotten single useful item out of my weekly cache since the start of expansion, I guess it all added up to the point where I just wanted to stop the endless treadmill, since start of BFA at that point in time, I had missed maybe only 5 WQ's as far my AP grinding went I was on bar with Method raiders neck level. Yes that means I grinded hundreds of Island Expetitions, disgusting! Not looking to do any of that again!

Title: Re: Raider Application - Death Knight (DPS/Tank) - Khannon
Post by: Shimmar on September 22, 2020, 09:53:27 am
Hi Khannon,
Thanks for applying. It doesn't sound like Iron Edge is the guild for you. Best of luck to you finding guilds to join and good luck in the Shadowlands M+ scene!

- Shimmar
Title: Re: Raider Application - Death Knight (DPS/Tank) - Khannon
Post by: Khannon on September 22, 2020, 11:13:30 am
Hi Khannon,
Thanks for applying. It doesn't sound like Iron Edge is the guild for you. Best of luck to you finding guilds to join and good luck in the Shadowlands M+ scene!

- Shimmar

Hi Shimmer,

Just curious.
What makes you think Iron Edge is not a guild for me?
Title: Re: Raider Application - Death Knight (DPS/Tank) - Khannon
Post by: Khannon on September 22, 2020, 11:15:55 am
Just to clarify, this is my only application to any guild at the time right now, I made a typo in my application, it was supposed to be 'guild to join', not guilds. I really do hope you didn't weight on this typo to think this way.
Title: Re: Raider Application - Death Knight (DPS/Tank) - Khannon
Post by: Shimmar on September 22, 2020, 11:36:47 am
Hi Khannon,
To begin with, you're applying for a raiding position, yet the general focus is your M+ commitment and pride. Nothing wrong with that, but it has given me the impression that you're not really that interested in raiding and that your guild/transfer history is based on your finding a guild while prioritising your M+ endevours.
Taking that into account, and the fact that our roster is already on the large side, we're looking for people who show they will have a strong commitment to the raid and the community we offer. I have the luxury of being able to make that decision, and taking you on sounds like a gamble that I wouldn't be willing to take at this time.
I have no doubt that you'll have no issues finding a guild suitable for yourself, but for these reasons, I don't believe Iron Edge is that guild.
Hope this helps!

- Shimmar

P.S. it would be wrong for me to deny that your initial response to the "Why Iron Edge?" question had an influence, but the above reasons are enough for me to stand by the decision.
Title: Re: Raider Application - Death Knight (DPS/Tank) - Khannon
Post by: Khannon on September 22, 2020, 12:02:34 pm
My general focus might be M+, but that doesn't stop me with raiding commitments, it didn't in BFA and it won't be a case in SL.
I left Honolulu for 2 reasons, mainly because the alliance M+ scene was extremely weak compared to Horde, but also because Honolulu was too hardcore guild for me. And in server at the time there was only 2 guilds that I would consider being part of, my former guild (Unknown Entity) or Honolulu, I was briefly raiding with Random Outcome, but they were a little bit too short for me that I was looking for so really I didn't have much of a choice regardless of M+ scene. You are raiding only 2 days, which is perfect for me, I'm not seeking for world top raiding scene. I take raiding commitment very seriously, I'm not swaying away from progressing when you don't progress and when couple raids have been bad, during WotLK with my resto druid I didn't miss a single raid for 2 years despite the bad up and downs. I helped entire guild to rebuild a roster without missing a single raid (Unknown Entity), for all the reasons sake, I can ask their GM to tell you how committed I am to raiding with a guild.

So yes M+ might be my focus, it shouldn't feel like a gamble, rather a reason to stay active and not just be raid logger (which most expansion prior to M+ ended up with), help the rest of guild in scene that is equally important in PvE content and will definitely benefit in a raiding scene too.

Anyway, I see you've made the decision regardless how I defend my position on this, thanks for your time!

Title: Re: Raider Application - Death Knight (DPS/Tank) - Khannon
Post by: Shimmar on September 22, 2020, 12:19:13 pm
No worries. I hope this will help with your future applications.
All the best to you!