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Our Hardcore 25m raid is recruiting for Firelands! - With our recent kill on Cho'gall, and soon to be dead Sinestra, we are looking to go into Firelands with a stronger raid than ever. We're looking to fill a number of gaps in our membership - healers, ranged dps and melee dps are all welcome! (except warriors :/).

Raiding times are: Monday-Thursday, 19:30 to 24:00 Server Time.

Apply now to be part of the best international guild on Dunemaul!
The only person that managed to fraps the kill was Infested (discipline priest), so here is his point of view of our first Nefarian 25 Man Heroic kill! The video gives a good overview of the fight.

I picked the music, so if you wanna bash someone for loltrance then don't aim your anger at Infested :D

Vaishiyas - Trap Check
Neelix - Give Them Free

Download link

12 May 2011 - Nefarian HC 25m Dead!

After the initial troubles of the 25m group, our hard work finally paid off when, last night, we downed Nefarian HC after only 3 pulls, with the first pull of the night a near 1-shot, wiping on just 6%.

That kill brings us up to 9/13 HC.  Our next target is Cho'gall.  Hopefully we can get a kill within the next week or two!

We are still recruiting for our 25m HC progress raid.  We are in need of healers (any class), a rogue, a death knight, and a shadow priest.  Any other class/spec with a strong application will also be considered.  Unfortunately, we are really, really full on warriors and tanks.  We raid 4 times a week (Mon-Thu) from 19:30 to 24:00.

Apply on our recruitment forum. Good luck!

Awwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaah.
Very soon -- in a matter of days, or perhaps even hours -- a whole range of original, exciting content will begin to appear on the Iron Edge homepage.

There will be WoW-related stuff of course -- class discussion, boss strategies -- but there'll be lots of non-WoW stuff too. News and stories about SC2, L4D, Civ 5, HoN, LoL, or any game that Iron Edge plays, will find its way to the IE home page.

We'll also post our most recent WoW boss kills, and generally keep you up to date with everything that's going on inside the guild.

You can use the 'forum' button at the top of the page to jump straight to the forum -- or click here.
substitute my own!

03 Apr 2011 - OMG A FRONT PAGE!

I know, mind blowing.
I shall place a grenade on my person.
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