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Another happy birthday to Iron Edge!



Another happy birthday to Iron Edge!

I’ve had several “major” experiences over the years that have made me feel like I was getting older that nobody ever warned me about. You expect the day that you feel some weird pain you never felt before after you go for a jog, or the first time you spot a grey hair on your shirt. When it happens it might still surprise you how soon it came, but you expect it nonetheless. You don’t expect it to happen when you see a video in portrait orientation (still gross) where on the top half there is a video of some kids fighting in school, and on the bottom half there is someone playing Minecraft, while a robotic female voice with a social-media-optimised vocal inflection provides commentary on the fight happening in the top video. Nobody ever prepared me for that shit.

Another time this happened to me recently was when companies started mentioning their founding dates as recently as the early 2000s as virtuous feats to be used in marketing materials. Really? That’s not that long ago, or so I thought.

So here it comes:

Iron Edge (Est. 2005)

I mean, if organisations get to boast their founding dates, then surely a World of Warcraft guild is allowed to be extremely proud of turning 19 years old, right? I’d say so.

It has been another year of many great successes. Four raiding teams continued their progress. Cutting Edge achievements, branching out into the Classic domain and steady, fun groups that have something for everyone. A massive meetup in Gdansk, where we had more nationalities present than ever before, as well as having long standing members of the guild finally join us IRL. We had another great meetup for New Years in Denmark recently just like we did four years ago, right before the pandemic.

Looking forward to the year ahead, our guild is still looking strong and there’s no reason to believe it’s slowing down. In a WoW environment that focuses evermore on throwaway content with people you’ll never see again, we’re constantly reminded that we must be uncompromising in our values to demand high quality applications and keep pushing for building relationships online, rather than just playing a video game together. Regardless, WoW has an impressive content plan for (at least) the next three years that should keep us entertained. So it’s going to be a good year with lots of great things to look forward to.

We’re also looking towards the 20th(!) anniversary in a year from now, and we’re cooking up something good for it. So make sure you keep your schedules clear for the end of February 2025.

So, thank you all for another great year and see you on WoW, Discord or IRL.

- Rash

Happy birthday Iron Edge!

I feel quite cool for being here almost half of the guild's existence, let's keep it up :)

Holy crap, this thing is still going. Good job continuing the legacy, who would have thought!

We dont quit just because we lost a few angry serbians ;-)

Hell yeah!!
Happy birthday, iron edgers!
May our swords, shields and staffs live long!


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