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 Social Application - Paladin (Healer) - Conwy (XR)

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May 10, 2024, 04:12:37 pm
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Social Application - Paladin (Healer) - Conwy (XR)
« on: May 10, 2024, 04:12:37 pm »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying to be a social member.

Character: Conwy
Server: Gehennas
Class/Spec: Paladin (Healer)
Member Type: Social

Personal Info:

Connor McMurray
Co-owner of Nexus Gaming


I've always vibed with healers the most, and holy paladin is the best mix of fun and power.


Llaethogmawr - 80 Restoration druid


Leveling mining and blacksmithing for Cataclysm.

Raiding/PVP Experience:

Casually raided in a few expansions, most recently cleared heroic Amirdrassil in retail.

Previous Guilds:



Available at pretty much any point.


I am highly profficient in English (Albeit with a funny accent), I have discord and have no issues listening or speaking.

Computer / Connection:

I have a newer model MSI computer, I have no FPS issues or connectivity issues.


BigWigs, Clique, Details, Plater, WeakAuras. Also willing to download any other required addons.

Other Games:

A bit of everything, only constant is WoW though.

Why Iron Edge?

My best friend has joined and I'd like to be able to play with him if possible.

What can I offer Iron Edge?

A friendly face willing to help in whatever way he can, a good laugh, the only person able to punch Xekya IRL (more valuable than you'd think)

Where did I hear about Iron Edge?

My best friend, Xekya, has joined the guild.

Last Words?

A group of manatees is called an aggregation.

May 11, 2024, 10:16:56 pm
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Offline hemoroidtv

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Re: Social Application - Paladin (Healer) - Conwy (XR)
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2024, 10:16:56 pm »
Hey Connor.

Application accepted.

Welcome to the team. 

Pm an officer on discord / ingame for a guild invite.


Iron Edge Discord


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