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 Social Application - Hunter (DPS) - Calamitus (XR)

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May 15, 2024, 12:25:59 am
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Social Application - Hunter (DPS) - Calamitus (XR)
« on: May 15, 2024, 12:25:59 am »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying to be a social member.

Character: Calamitus
Server: Gehennas
Class/Spec: Hunter (DPS)
Member Type: Social

Personal Info:

Hello, my name's Jordan i'm 31 and I live in the city of Cannes, France (I know I know.. baguette!)

Since I live in one of the many cities of Cinema i'm obviously a movie afficionado and I love to talk about art and story telling in general. I'm trying to learn photography these days.

I used to do content creation online for many years but I chose a different path a few months ago and i'm now considering my options. This means i'm very available online (haha)


I love player hunter, and this is what I played back in Cata vanilla and the changes made to the class made it extremely fun to play and strong dps wise.

I'm currently playing Survival as it's the best spec by far and should stay that way for a long time in Cata


none so far I like to min-max a character before really moving on to another one, there's still work to be done on my hunter.

I might level up a Disc Priest tho as it's one of my favourite class as well


Engineer because it's the most optimised (and fun) and I plan on doing jewelcrafting for maximising my dps.

Raiding/PVP Experience:

I've been playing WoW on&off since Vanilla with my most active days from Wotlk through Cataclysm, MoP, WoD and I stopped during BFA. I was Guild Leader & Raid Leader of a guild originally founded by my actual family (.. I know, pretty cool right?).  I also have multiple experiences as officer in different guilds over the years.
I came back for SoD and ended-up pretty disappointed with the choices made and the lack of actual content. But luckily it was just in time for pre-patch of Cata-Classic. I really enjoyed my time back in Cata so I went head-on in this experience. I leveled up my hunter and i'm getting ready for cata with JP farm, profession leveling and all the good stuff. It's well underway.

Previous Guilds:

Some of them are going to be french but I want to answer the question so there we go :
<LA HÔRDE SAUVAGE> (Archimonde-FR) Guild Master/Raid Leader
<Les Héritiers de la Licorne> (Archimonde-FR)Class Master (hunter)
during this period I was using my experience in a high level guild on alliance side to help out my families guild on the horde side.. I played A LOT

<WARM> After the family guild finally give up the ghost I created another one with the core members. I stopped at the beginning of BfA.

For SoD I joined <Bizarre Adventure> on Living-Flame(EU) and I became an officer, helped them organise recruitment and raid-led a few times. Still in good contact with all of them but SoD lost his spark for me.


Everyday or almost everyday depending when life gets in the way. I'm also a night owl so I'm online until pretty late.


I'm proficient in english with a bit of an accent (not a bad one, but you can tell i'm french)

I do have discord and good audio set-up that allow me to eat without you hearing me chew! (I know some people appreciate that!)

Computer / Connection:

5800x / 2080Ti, does the job. I'm always above 60 even in 25 man raid with lots of addons and with a reshade on for the good looks.


Elvui/Weakaura/Details/Plater/Gargul/DBM all pretty standard.

Other Games:

I play lots of games, lately i've been trying Baldur's Gate 3, Escape From Tarkov. I'm looking forward to playing Hades II etc.

Why Iron Edge?

I like the fact that it's an old guild, it reminds me of the old days of wow. I'm pretty sure this is the type of guild I need to join to be part of a real community and not a shady replacement for a raid-finder.

What can I offer Iron Edge?

 I've had multiple roles in different guilds over the years and I know what type of behavior is a pain in the ass to organize a guild, you won't have any problem with me because of that. I take pride in the respect I show my fellow guild members. I don't shy away from responsabilities and I tend to become an helper of the environnement I'm in. It's a community driven game and I like to take part of that aspect of the game.

I enjoy the race to performance, I just came back to Cata during the pre-patch and I've been simcrafting already to help me improve. This is a part of the game I like very much, like trying to beat your own high-score on tetris.

I'm highly available and I like to interact with my fellow guild members and chit-chat when possible.

Where did I hear about Iron Edge?

Looked at the Gehennas' discord and read the post.

Last Words?

I know my application could be harder to review than others since my character is like 10 days old at most and you don't have logs to see if I'll be a performing player or if i'll be shite* (said with a glorious imitation of a scottish accent)

But all I ask is that you give me a chance to prove you i'm worth, i'm confident in my abilities and i'm very much looking forward joining your community.

May 15, 2024, 12:31:51 am
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Offline Calamitus

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Re: Social Application - Hunter (DPS) - Calamitus (XR)
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2024, 12:31:51 am »
Feels almost a bit weird to be back on a forum since Discord came out, it's a great nostalgia trip for me!

Thought i'd throw around a screenshot of my character with added informations

Current iLevel is 243, with 20ish hours on level 80 and I'm focusing on preparing for Cata release, right now i'm doing i'm roleplaying as a mole, digging through azeroth for treasures.

May 15, 2024, 05:58:52 pm
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Offline Calamitus

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Re: Social Application - Hunter (DPS) - Calamitus (XR)
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2024, 05:58:52 pm »
an earlier application which I thought was denied finally came through, i'm sorry folks.

Hope to see you in  the Cataclysm zones. Wishing you guys the best


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