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The end of Legion

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The End of Legion!

When I made this overly optimistic forum post two years ago, I really hoped Blizzard learned from the mistakes they had made in recent expansions, but particularly in WoD. Well, as it turns out, they did! Legion was the most content-rich expansion since WotLK and it brought World of Warcraft back to where it was many years ago in terms of game quality. The legendary system sucked, but we knew that going into it. And let's be honest; if the legendary system was the worst thing in Legion, it sure as hell beats a 14-month content drought.

A rising tide raises all ships - and the Iron Edge spaceship was no exception to that. Legion was a great expansion for IE. Let's look back on some of our accomplishments:

* For the entire expansion we've had three independent raiding teams running simultaneously.
* The ToT Raid made its debut and exceeded everyone's expectations (including their own!)
* The Weekend Porkchop Warriors broke the barrier and started clearing mythic bosses
* The Main Raid was able to kill all but one final boss before the end of its content cycle
* We've invited so many characters to the guild, we've had to have an old-fashioned purge. We currently have 276 unique accounts in the guild!
* We've organised over half a dozen guild related RL events and meetups all over Europe
* Sadly we've lost a few friends along the way as you always do. But fortunately, we've made far more new ones
* We've seen Dane-hatred reach levels never seen before in the history of the guild
* We've conclusively figured out the answer to the deepest question in life. It is indeed much better to eat a cake than it is to sit on it.
* Despite my best efforts, Mythic+ has invaded every part of the WoW experience. God help us in BfA
* And lastly, maybe the achievement I'm most proud of: We've had no major drama incidents throughout Legion. I still have no idea how we managed it. Maybe we're just getting old?
And now on to BfA. If Legion was any indication of the progress the WoW development team has made under their new leader Ion, I'm looking forward to whatever BfA will bring. I realize now that much of the hype I felt when Legion launched was because WoD was so deeply disappointing. In this case, BfA's got a tough act to follow. The officer team is busy planning some changes that we're going to make in BfA so keep an eye out for these announcements on the forum in the coming weeks.

Thank you to everyone who was here for Legion and the years before it. Without IE and the people that make up IE, many of us would have quit this game years ago. Enjoy your summer holiday and I will leave you with our kill video of Argus Mythic, by far the most difficult boss we've ever faced in WoW.

Well you say it's the most difficult we've ever faced but that's just not true, I've seen guilds that kill him in like two weeks, those guilds have say 250 wipes, Mythic KJ is much harder, every single guild has 400+ wipes and Argus is just all simple mechanics but KJ is actually difficult

Thanks for a great expansion! Looking forward to BFA with IE!

So tutan actually rage quitting wasn't drama, well I guess he did come back than got the mount. Fuck you tutu

Must say, Legion was a pleasant return to WoW and Iron Edge.


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