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Welcome to BfA!

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Welcome to Battle for Azeroth!
Another relatively smooth expansion launch, well done Blizzard! It’s been quite the celebration for Iron Edge as well. We’ve had LAN party’s in the UK, Holland and Denmark, as well as various other friends coming together and playing on launch. I’m also definitely not gonna be a sore loser and take the opportunity to congratulate the Danes on reaching level 120 first, a mere 10 hours after launch. One day I’ll find out exactly how you cheated, but for the foreseeable future you have my respect and my salty Dane hatred.

About BfA
It’s certainly been an interesting new expansion. What many people believed to be just Legion 2.0, turns out to be pretty accurate. World quests, Garrisons, Artifact Power, it’s all back in full force.  We’ve seen everything except the raiding content and War Fronts, which I’m told not to expect too much of. Now that’s not to say it’s all bad. Legion was one of the, if not the best expansion they’ve ever made *cough random legendaries cough*, so many of these things are plenty of reasons to keep playing for a while. We’ll definitely have to see where Blizzard is going to take WoW and raiding, though. The changes to looting and the significant balance issues still plaguing us are not a good sign going into it. But if we use Legion as a benchmark, I’m optimistic. On a more positive note, world PvP seems to be a lot more fun this time around, so there’s that. Who would have thought that a simple “War Mode toggle” would take all the bad feelings out of ganking #morallygrey.

About Iron Edge
So many changes! We’re seeing quite a bit of development inside the guild going into BfA, which is something I’m very happy to see. We’re rapidly approaching our 14th birthday and we’re still capable of adapting to whatever shitshow Blizzard throws at us. I’ve been very sad to see some of our most trusted veteran members and leaders take a step back from WoW. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank them for their hard work over the years. But their absence makes room for new members to step up and take the lead. So I’m happy to announce the following new leaders in Iron Edge:

Quickzor: Mythic+ Officer
Mythic+ has become a big part of WoW. We needed someone who is passionate about it to take the lead on this and form a community within Iron Edge that is much like our existing raid teams. Quickzor has been active in the Mythic+ scene from the very beginning and has worked very hard to build a community of players around himself. Mythic+ presents many complications that are typical of short-term, small-group gameplay. We want to wish Quickzor the best of luck building this brand new branch of Iron Edge, which will serve as an important part of mixing our more elitist raiders with our casual social members. Remember, if you want anything related to Mythic+, Quickzor is the guy to talk to. Let’s let this help us to get to know each other a little better.

Shimmar: Melee officer
This should come as no surprise to anyone. Sam has been one of the most stable and reliable members of Iron Edge and has effectively been an officer since the day he joined in late MoP. I’m very happy to be able to say that we have such a capable leader available to take Phoenix’ place, now that he has finally moved on to a better place, where all the dead dogs (allegedly) are. In addition to tanking bosses, he’ll be taking care of the melee camp and helping us make decisions related to the guild and the raid.

Mortos: Banker
I know what you’re thinking, you filthy racist. Get your mind out of the gutter. You know I would have never even dreamed of having an actual Jew run the guild bank. It’s just an unbelievably funny coincidence, okay? I couldn’t be happier to announce that there is someone willing to pick up the task of running our Guild Bank right where Tutan(pbuh) left off. Mortos will be in charge of managing the guild funds and making attempts to get a little more cash in there to keep it afloat. A daunting task indeed, but one he is surely up for.

In conclusion
As usual, these posts go on for way too long. We’ve got so many new members join IE in the last few months that we’re, once again, at risk of reaching the player cap. Welcome to you all. I hope you’ve noticed that we’re not some sort of random group of nationality-based anonymous characters that play a video game together for a few months every two years. Even in tough circumstances, we’re here, we’re stronger than ever, and we’re not going anywhere.

See you online, on WoW, on our forums, on Discord or in real life!
- Rash


--- Quote from: Rash on August 28, 2018, 10:40:04 am --- I’m also definitely not gonna be a sore loser and take the opportunity to congratulate the Danes on reaching level 120 first, a mere 10 hours after launch.

--- End quote ---

It was 7½ hour after launch, but who counts ;-)

Danes are first to 120 and maybe also last. I will be 116 soon!

Exciting times, good appointments and if anything I'd like to say is good luck to the newly appointed officers.

If there is anything that I can help with leaning more towards the raid team, feel free to ask me to pick up Shimmar, and if you want an old ret to give a hand Paul, likewise I'm willing to be of any aid I can to make our new mythic + division successful.

Looking forward to the watch out raid moments this coming expansion.

P. S - we know you cheated Danes and I'm sure rash will find out how eventually, but I think it needs our hr officer to deeply investigate any foul play.

Im pondering Race changing for Goblin just to nail the racism to a point


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