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 Raider Application - Druid (DPS/Healer) - Smoker

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March 13, 2019, 11:31:01 pm
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Raider Application - Druid (DPS/Healer) - Smoker
« on: March 13, 2019, 11:31:01 pm »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying for the main raid.

Character: Smoker
Class/Spec: Druid (DPS/Healer)
Member Type: Raider

Personal Info:

Name: Tina
Age: That is not nice! between 20-35. But age is just a number...
Location: Denmark
Work/school: Studying to become an IT-Supporter
Together with Jackard.


I play boomkin and resto. I like both. I normally just play one of the two depending on what the guild needs.

Haste mastery but I use raidbots and herodamage to sim and check what I need to keep my character updated.
Talent choices looks similar for multi and singel target. Different being Stellar Flare - Twin moon. We also have Starlord and Incarnation. Where with Starlord if you make a mistake in rotation it is very punishing.
Azerite BIS: You will see Arcanic Pulsar, Streaking Stars and Treacherous Covenant

Resto: Stat wise we do not have BIS tho mastery is not bad. Resto is all about knowing what damage is incoming and preparing for it. Keep hots up at all times and do not loose anyone.


No I do not.


Tailoring and enchanting.

Raiding Experience:

I started raiding back in Karazhan. Did burning Crusade as feral/tank (it was not pretty).
Joined wrath as a boomkin. Played that until MOP were I was forced to go resto. After that I been swapping between those, depending what was needed.
Always played 25 man when that was a thing.
Wrath Killed Lich king (sadly only 10 man)

Got Cutting Edge on:
Will of the Emperor (Mogu'shan Vaults)
Garrosh Hellscream
Imperator Mar'gok (Highmaul)
BlackHand (Blackrock Foundry)
Archimonde (Hellfire citydel)
Xavius (Emerald Nightmare)
"Nighthold missing Gul'dan"
Helya (trial of valor)
"Tomb of Sargeras missing Kil'jaeden."
Argus (Antorus)
Uldir (Missing G'huun)

5/9 Battle of Dazar'alor

(hope I did not miss any. I am getting old)

Previous Guilds:

The enigma order (Stormreaver - ravencrest) (Vanilla - Nov 2017)
- Where I also meet my boyfriend. Sadly in nov 2017 the guildmaster/raidleader stepped down and the guild stopped to raid after that since we did not have any officers or anyone able to take over leading.
In cata Jackard and I decided to go more hardcore and join a 5 day raiding guild which we stayed until beginning of dragon soul were we stopped and took a break until MOP were we came back to TEO.

Embers/forsaken bloodline (ravencrest)
- Left because of slow progress, officers were not agreeing on how to lead the guild.

Imageless (ravencrest)
- The Guild stopped to raid.

Aeonic (ravencrest)
- Very nice guild with a lot of nice people. I choose to step down because I felt burned out and they were trying to rank -300 and I did not feel I could do that and still love the game.

Sylvanas Refugees (ravencrest)
- We joined with a friend but it did not feel right. So we left shortly after.

Samasafya (ravencrest)
- Totally new guild that choose to raid with attitude that anyone can easy be replaced it was not unnormal to loose 5 raiders in one evening. Was lead by a couple that was more interested in their own meters than raid progress.

Project Nemesis (kazzak)
- Recruiting players per boss:D

Phoenic Blue (Kazzak)
- The Guild stopped to raid


Raiding is a big part of our life so we rarely miss raid.
I am studying where I switch between going to school and work. It will not affect my raiding since I always plan around raids.


English is not my mother language but I fully understand and can communicate.
I am not afraid to be vocal in raids like calling stuff when needed.
I have Teamspeak, mumble, discord ect.

Computer / Connection:

I have a strong computer and the best internet we can get in Denmark. I never have problems with lag.


WA is a big part that I use to track everything.
I use elvui, switching between bigwig and DBM, Clique are some of the more important ones i use.

Other Games:

The games I play outside wow are very casual. Atm I am playing POE.

Why Iron Edge?

I want a to be in a guild that wants to get Cutting Edge while maintaining a good raiding atmosphere. The social aspect is also important to me. I believe Iron Edge could be the home we been looking for.

What can I offer Iron Edge?

Stable (close to 100% attendance)
Happy (I rarely have a bad day)
Believes in the team before myself (if I need to sit out to get us that kill then that is what I do, not to be misunderstood with that I ofc wanna raid:D )
I do not play the game for logs (some does and that is perfectly fine) I play for progress.
A player who knows that everyone in the raid has a responsibility towards the others to make sure you preform your task to help achieve the kill (maxing dps, swapping, stopping dps, heal whatever is needed), at least 19 other people choose to spend their evening together with me and I do not want to let them down.
I believe you treat others how you want to be treated.
I am vocal and if I make a mistake I will 100% own it.
I record all attempts to be able to look over them after raid to see what went good what went less good and what I can improve on.
I also have amazing humor and I believe in unicorns.

Where did I hear about Iron Edge?

Found you on Wowprogress.

Last Words?

As we spoke about before I am applying here together with Jackard. As I said we want to play together but in raids we are raiders meaning if lets say you need him in and me out this will not be an issue. Non of the guilds we have been in has it been a problem nor will it be here.

When I look at my guild history since TEO it makes me sad but it is what it is. We have been trying to look for a home were we can stay until there is no more wow and I really hope you guys could be it.

I found these ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and I do not know what to do with them so I will just leave them here.

March 16, 2019, 02:58:42 pm
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Offline Mooneclipse

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Re: Raider Application - Druid (DPS/Healer) - Smoker
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2019, 02:58:42 pm »
Hiyo Smoker,

I like your application, and it seems like you have a lot of the correct attitudes towards raiding.  You already mentioned that you don't play for logs when it comes to raiding, but do you happen to have any from the previous raids you've attended?

"You smell so much nicer when you're awake"

March 16, 2019, 03:24:40 pm
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Offline Smokerina

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Re: Raider Application - Druid (DPS/Healer) - Smoker
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2019, 03:24:40 pm »
For balance I sadly only have for Champion of the Light because of lack of healers, I was playing resto for the others bosses. Which has been pretty much the same song in a lot of the guilds I been in. I start as boomkin then we lack a healer and I step in, since I do not really mind if I play resto or boomkin.

The few logs I have you can find here:

Last time i went boomkin was 6 Feb:D

Just because I do not go for logs does not mean I as a boomkin do not dps. If I play boomkin ofc my job is to do as much damage as I can, it simply means if I need to go soak something I will do that instead of saying "no not my problems hopefully someone else will do that" :D

March 17, 2019, 03:01:53 am
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Offline Floof

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Re: Raider Application - Druid (DPS/Healer) - Smoker
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2019, 03:01:53 am »

I raided with these two for a good while back on Ravencrest - very good players and people!

Also I'm pist at you cause you never mentioned you were moving to Denmark!!!!
« Last Edit: March 17, 2019, 03:13:15 am by Floof »

March 17, 2019, 10:48:03 am
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Offline Smokerina

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Re: Raider Application - Druid (DPS/Healer) - Smoker
« Reply #4 on: March 17, 2019, 10:48:03 am »
Omg Fluffy!! I did not know you played here. We moved like 2 years ago :D I gonna catch you on battenet!!! And thank you for the nice words.

March 17, 2019, 05:00:42 pm
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Offline Mooneclipse

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Re: Raider Application - Druid (DPS/Healer) - Smoker
« Reply #5 on: March 17, 2019, 05:00:42 pm »
We'd be happy to give both you and Jackard a trial, so the both of you can poke me or another officer ingame for an invite!  :D
"You smell so much nicer when you're awake"

March 17, 2019, 05:33:02 pm
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Offline Smokerina

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Re: Raider Application - Druid (DPS/Healer) - Smoker
« Reply #6 on: March 17, 2019, 05:33:02 pm »
Yay! Thank you.

March 17, 2019, 08:15:01 pm
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Offline Rash

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Re: Raider Application - Druid (DPS/Healer) - Smoker
« Reply #7 on: March 17, 2019, 08:15:01 pm »
Welcome! Please check out this thread for basic information about raiding with us.

See you in the raid!
Rash - Mistweaver Monk
Porkkebab - Holy Paladin
Pooneclipse - Resto Druid


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