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Iron Edge meetup 2019: Vienna!

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Iron Edge Meetup 2019: Vienna!

Over two weeks ago we had our biggest meetup ever! To continue Palmars great tradition, here's my attempt at summarizing some of the events:

* The group consisted of 12 main raiders, 2 weekend raiders, 8 ToT raiders and two socials
There was a girlfriend too, but she didn’t count to the total IE’er count. Get her to apply goddammit!
* But even without counting her, it was the biggest meetup we’ve ever had, by far
* We’ve had people come over from some of the most exotic places in Europe, such as Slovenia, Denmark, Poland and even the Faroe Islands.
* We spent almost the entire first day at a “beach” bar on the Donau River for which we had a reservation in the evening.
* The menu was extremely diverse, in the sense that we had a rich choice of what kind of burger we would like
* Zilent has an amazing tattoo of Frostmourne running all the way down his spine
* It was impressive, even though you could hardly see it because of all the hair
* We had three separate airbnbs that were all equally excellent
* Of course the real MVP was Vox. No not the guy, the air conditioning units.
* The guy was great too, of course!
* As it was in Manchester and in London, the party was wherever Ben was
* The Saturday was spent eating, drinking, watching the pride parade and attempting to get everyone together for a group photo. All in 34 degree heat, by the way
* Alfie and I got to see our favourite Battlefield 1 map IRL - Ballroom Blitz.
* Or at least we thought we did, turns out that was actually Ch√Ęteau de Chantilly in France, but whatever it still counts.
* I’ll post a picture with the names added in the forum thread, courtesy of Grax and Kodin
* We ALMOST went to a zoo again
* We also ALMOST got into a labyrinth, those of you who were there will cringe when you recall why I say “ALMOST”
* One of the Norwegians didn’t fair particularly well in the heat, I won’t say who
* It was Stian
* Is this our stop, by the way?
* In his defense, I suspect the temperature in the restaurant we visited on Saturday was at least 40 degrees
* Food was great though, just don’t order the steak, eh Zilent?
* Speaking of Zilent (again), have you seen his fucking hands? I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for the joke about the hairy back, please don’t hurt me with those hands
* Could somebody pass the nutsack cooler?
* We joined up with the late night festivities in the city, which were all very, very gay
* Two individuals disappeared that night, it may or may not have had something to do with the theme of the party, we’ll never know
* The pub crawl was a great success, mostly because we didn’t have to crawl very far
* Certain individuals tried to hit on the barmaid nicknamed Blondie Barbie (who really wasn’t all that hot). I won’t name names.
* It was Stian
* Because of the varying outgoing departures the groups were mostly split up on the last day. Some went sightseeing and some went to a carnival/themepark hybrid.
* Vox got absolutely destroyed on the water ride, I do recommend you check out the photo album to see it for yourself
* Alfie was already fucking destroyed from the night before
* There were some emotional goodbyes, but it was all happy tears
These meetups are always so eventful that I could go on for several pages. This was also the first year where I felt like the group was so large, I could impossibly summarize all of it by myself.

I wanted to thank you all for making this meetup a complete success (not even a hospital visit, go team!). We’ll have quite a challenge on our hands to see if we can ever top something like this again, but I guess I also felt that way after Prague. For the few people who were able to understand my speech (read:unintelligible rambling) I really meant what I said. These meetups, but this one in particular, is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

See you guys on WoW, on discord or in real life!


i learned first hand on the saturday why you don't hit on the barmaid..


--- Quote ---Of course the real MVP was Vox. No not the guy, the air conditioning units.
--- End quote ---
It didn't even fucking work  :(

I miss a really really important point!

* Someone did not find the need to test the local medical services!
* Looking at you Rash.

I mentioned the lack of hospital visit!


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