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 Mythic+ Application - Warlock (DPS) - Beatdis

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September 01, 2019, 05:56:47 pm
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Mythic+ Application - Warlock (DPS) - Beatdis
« on: September 01, 2019, 05:56:47 pm »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying to be a Mythic+ member.

Character: Beatdis
Class/Spec: Warlock (DPS)
Member Type: Mythic+

Personal Info:

Name: Korab Gashi
Age: 33
Location: Sweden, Oskarshamn
Occupation: Travelling Salesman


Destruction. I find warlock funny and i've played it for a long time.


I am an oldschool PvPer from early games and played quite high level. I love pvp. If there's some pvp going on i'll gladly join. I have DK, rogue, mage, paladin, ,monk  - all on 120.



Mythic+ Experience:

My highest is 21 in legion as my demon hunter.

Previous Guilds:

I had a huge inactive moment from tbc - missed everything after tbc until legion. Back then I was in a guild called Bad Omen in Dentarg, was considered a highly respected guild with good progress. In Legion/BFA i've had social guilds mainly.


No. If you need a casual m+er with high dedication once in it, then i'm your guy.


I can use ts3, discord, anything you prefer.

System / Connection:

8700k, 1080ti, 32gb memory
250mbits net speed. Very low ms in Kazzak


Limited addons. DBM, Weakauras, aggro alert and some m+ info addon.

Other Games:

I play Apex Legends aswell

Why Iron Edge?

I saw you searching and had a short discussion with one of your representatives who later gave me the link to fill an application.

What I can offer Iron Edge:

A warlock in your m+. Other than that, nothing that nobody else can offer.

Where I heard about Iron Edge:

You stood out in tradechat which is a huge accomplishment nowadays.

Last Words:


September 02, 2019, 12:36:00 am
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Offline PaulxD

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Re: Mythic+ Application - Warlock (DPS) - Beatdis
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2019, 12:36:00 am »
Hi Beatdis,

Thanks for your application, can I ask what spec you play in M+,
From your experience what do you see your advantages and disadvantages? I would also like to hear your opinions on how your spec is strong against certain affixes and others you maybe not so strong against, but those your not so strong against how you over come them?

Can you also tell me what type of person you are, what can you add to the community, your communication style etc?



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