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 Raider Application - Warrior (DPS) - Joshwarrior

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January 05, 2020, 01:37:41 pm
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Raider Application - Warrior (DPS) - Joshwarrior
« on: January 05, 2020, 01:37:41 pm »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying for the main raid.

Character: Joshwarrior
Class/Spec: Warrior (DPS)
Member Type: Raider

Personal Info:

Name: Josh
Age: 24
Location: England, UK
Occupation: IT Specialist


I am currently playing fury in raid and M+, but I play all three warrior specialisations. I played arms at the start of 8.2, but I switched to fury for damage yeet!!

All specs close in ilvl, around 445+

With fury, I try to stack crit. With cold steel hot blood (CSHB), crit gains loads of value and hits like a truck. Haste is available in so many forms in BFA, from azerite traits and now essences, even trinkets like rezan's eye are broken if it procs, so I don't stack as much haste any more. Getting the balance right is important though, too little haste makes it too clunky.

For rotation, the idea is to rampage as much as possible. That's the big damage. Rotation changes a little from the past with CSHB. Bloodthirst is more valuable and you have to weigh up whether to use it over other abilities. Enrage is the other main mechanic here, when you're not enraged you're doing less damage and it sucks. Min maxing as fury is really important too. Filling with whirlwind when you haven't got anything else to use, not capping rage (that's a very naughty thing to do), and making sure to squeeze in some bloodthirsts when you're around 80 rage and enraged. we want BIG rampage VALUE. YES.


JoshBM-Kazzak - This is my ranged alt, I maintain it coz BM is always valuable even if people say it's trash tier in 8.3. BM can do whatever and execute their entire rotation, no damage loss. This is the character my last guild asked me to play on in the raid, so it has all the benthic gear etc. With all the sockets it's able to stack 44% crit and hit like a truck. ilvl = 446.


On my warrior I have engineering and alchemy, bit of a hybrid here. I love the engineering goggles, they have great traits for fury and prot. Alchemy is such a boon when you want to save cash on flasks. and I make my own pots, which I think saves money!

On my hunter, I went with Leatherworking/jewelcrafting, I wanted 2 crafted items because of how much I valued the critical strike values on them. Having the ability to craft your own gems is also a neat trick, although it's not a good way to make money.

Raiding Experience:

Talking specifically about this expansion:

Uldir - We killed G'huun on mythic difficulty and got our cutting edge achievement. I played protection paladin up until mythrax, and then brewmaster for G'huun.

BoD - Same guild and team, minor changes. We were able to kill mythic rastakhan before we had a large amount of people leave (burn out) or whatever. Guild disbanded. I joined a guild and played holy pally for mythic mekatorque. I finished that tier 7/9.

CoS - I wasn't in a guild, but I pugged AOTC.

Eternal Palace - I played fury warrior in a guild early on, we got to 3/8, I decided to join a different guild as the raid schedule was too light for me and there were lots of cancelled raids. When I switched to booty bay surfclub, I was asked if I could switch to ranged and I used my BM hunter alt. We got 7/8, and got Azshara to around 60% health before officers decided to quit, all at once. Came as a huge surprise and was super disruptive. Could have been handled better. Anyway, I'm now guildless.


Previous Guilds:

Sorry, I mentioned this above a little.

Our guild early on in BFA disbanded due to people burning out, we couldn't make up the numbers.

Early EP - Guild had lots of cancelled raids, light schedule, so little progress.

During EP, guild disbanded due to every officer leaving. We couldn't organise anything after that, the rug was pulled out from beneath us.


I work Mon-Fri 8:00AM-4:30PM. I am available every evening. I don't have any holidays planned, but it's rare I go away for long.


English is my first language. I have teamspeak 3, discord and mumble. I like to think I can listen. I have a microphone and headphones, which I use to speak to people all the time.

Computer / Connection:

-I work in IT and recently built a new gaming PC. It runs wow extremely well.
-I have a premium ISP package with 350MB download speed. It is very rare that we have any issues. -Since we moved here it has dropped out once for 5 mins.
-Average ping to Kazzak is 28ms.


WeakAuras - One of the most useful tools I have ever used. I track almost every combat ability using this add on. As well as team weak auras. e.g. ghuun orb timers.
Grid2 - I use this for raid frames, it's hugely customisation.
Details - For info on healing/dps/utility. very cool.
Shadowedunit frames - I use this for unit frames. Like player/target. It's a great tool for tracking health and resource.

This is a screenshot from my hunter's UI. It's showing the main weakaura in the center of my screen, I track my focus resource and main cds like kill command and my frenzy buff. I have a few macros set up, mainly to make sure my pet is casting its abilities and attacking the right target. Here's an example a KC macro:

#showtooltip Kill Command
/cast Kill Command
/cast Claw
/cast Bite
/cast Smack

So, when I press KC, the pet switches to that target, kc goes off, and it tries to cast the pet specific ability. Depending which it has.

If needed, I can include a pic of my warrior UI. Although it is very similar.

Other Games:

League of Legends

Why Iron Edge?

You guys seem to have a long and successful history of raiding. I am looking for a new home that will last. Your raiding schedule is good for me. I also saw you're looking for a warrior so here I am!!!

What can I offer Iron Edge?

-I am a reliable gamer, I have never missed a raid.
- I am a huge min maxing nerd, I play loads and I try to get my chars optimised.
- I'm a quick learner. I have played multiple specs to a high standard.
- I do my research. I am always reading the latest about my class/spec and getting the most out of it. I am part of class discords and have discussions regularly about theory crafting builds etc.

Where did I hear about Iron Edge?


Last Words?

Thank you for reading my application.

I'd love to have a chat with you on discord sometime. Cheers


January 05, 2020, 06:43:38 pm
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Offline Xorm

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Re: Raider Application - Warrior (DPS) - Joshwarrior
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2020, 06:43:38 pm »
Hey there Josh.

Love the app. Pretty detailed. Do you have some logs to share with the class? :D
Anything less than immortality is a waste of time.

January 08, 2020, 08:25:34 am
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Offline Shimmar

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Re: Raider Application - Warrior (DPS) - Joshwarrior
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2020, 08:25:34 am »
Hi Josh.
Nice application. You covered everything to be honest so no questions. Willing to offer you a trial starting immediately  :D you can Poke an officer for an invite. Welcome


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