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 Mythic+ Application - Shaman (DPS) - Bolony

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March 17, 2020, 08:08:52 pm
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Mythic+ Application - Shaman (DPS) - Bolony
« on: March 17, 2020, 08:08:52 pm »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying to be a Mythic+ member.

Character: Bolony
Class/Spec: Shaman (DPS)
Member Type: Mythic+

Personal Info:

Hey guys my name is Mark im 28 years old with German and Bulgarian nationalities. I lived for the past 10 years in Switzerland where I graduated and got my Bachelor degree in hospitality management. My family lives there now, I am currently residing in Bulgaria due to work opportunities. I have my own SaaS startup (I love all things blockchain and tech) and also work in our family business as a sales representative (I love talking with people). During my free time I love to travel, hike, play video games and eat pizza. Also, spacecats are cool!


I used to play all ranged classes on a WotLK server where I bis-ed out boomie, priest, mage, hunter, warlock and paladin over the course of 2.5 years. I started playing on retail again at the start of BFA because I wanted to try out shamy and fell in love with it ^^ I think its hella fun and is really strong on higher keys.


No currently I dont play any alts actively, I have 4 120's and getting a lock to 120 soon, with the recent changes to essences I might get motivated to play something else again. (My mage is 465 but im not playing it as actively)


Leatherworking for the good 470 socketed items
Jewelcrafting for the good 470 socketed ring which I havent crafter yet because I have every other possible ring from m+ (i did a lot of 15s)

Mythic+ Experience:

I started playing m+ in legion but didnt push high. In BFA s1 i reached around 2.3k and was top 20 ele shamys for a (very) short time. I've pugged everything. Currently at around 2.850 io, I know the dungeons inside out. Still pugging everything.

Previous Guilds:

The Forgotten Kings - best guild on the private server I was on. They disbanded after 10 years of gameplay because of other commitments. We were a family there and had regular meetups outside of WoW.
Dream Infusion - Bad atmosphere in the guild, poor management and bad attitude outside of raiding.
The Dambusters - Bad attitude towards raiding, they have troubles focusing when raiding mythic which drags good players down.


Yes I would.


Yes I am proficient and have comms. Note: I like focusing on what matters during the run.

System / Connection:

I have a very good computer. I have no fps issues. My internet connection is stable, I have no ping, dont lag, and very rarely disconnect.


Bartender-Because of the looks
BigWigs-To know what comes next and prepare for it
Weakauras-To track cooldowns
Details-To check my performance (dps-wise)
Exorsus Raid Tools-To track raid cooldowns and follow raid assignments
Little Wigs-Track abilities
Plater-Better targeting on multiple mobs
Quartz-More precise cast bar for better dps

Other Games:

Ive been gaming since the launch of Age of Mythology.
Currently I play Apex and WoW.
I used to play a lot of other games too, but now I keep it to WoW primarily because its my favourite game.

Why Iron Edge?

I want to be part of a community of likeminded players which have a lust to progress into the current raid tier and clear high keys whilst have fun doing so. I want to stay in such a community and create good memories and relationships

What I can offer Iron Edge:

I will always give 110% from myself when raiding because I know that a group is only as strong as its weakest link. I will be prepared for every encounter with knowledge, consumables, and the right attitude. I will attend every raid and do my best to be a good fit for the community. I dont mind helping ppl with their weekly 15s and I can also reroll if its needed (mostly everything, prefer ranged)

Where I heard about Iron Edge:

Friends (former guildies) and WoW Progress

Last Words:

Spacecats are cool. Thank you for taking your time to read my application. Looking forward to hearing from you. I am flexible when it comes to spots for m+ cuz I know it can be tight.


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