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 Mythic+ Application - Paladin (Healer) - Konrez

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March 24, 2020, 05:10:21 pm
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Mythic+ Application - Paladin (Healer) - Konrez
« on: March 24, 2020, 05:10:21 pm »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying to be a Mythic+ member.

Character: Konrez
Class/Spec: Paladin (Healer)
Member Type: Mythic+

Personal Info:

I'm Lukas, 29 years old. Im living in Poland, working in automotive company in quality department.


Well, Im playing paly cause its kinda bit fun to me than rdruid right now. Overall, i've been playing all healer classes in a past with most success as Hpal and Rdruid ( been raiding in top 25 guild for a years as those 2 classes).


Working on it :)


Engi - cause of combat ress

Mythic+ Experience:

It's first time im trying to play 100% focused just on m+. My current season is being the best one (around 2.5k and counting).

Previous Guilds:

Error Code - been playing there as HolyPaladin for couple of years, then some ppl changed in guild, i got bored and took a break.

Time is Mana - after taking a break one good friend asked me if im able to come back and play with them cause they're aiming high. Accepted a challange, we ended up as 21st guild in the world in Antorus raid.

After that episode, i been focused on my real life, recently im trying to come back, but no longer interested in any serious raiding. My goal is to push m+ as much as its possible.


I guess, yes. Depends on the specific activity.


My english aint perfect, but mostly ppl understands what im talking about ;)

System / Connection:

My pc spec and internet connections are totally fine. Never had any big issues in a past.


ELVUI, WA, BigWigs, Clique and couple of less imporatant ones.

Other Games:

Counter Strike, when ultra bored im playing Hots. Nothing special, mostly im playing WoW.

Why Iron Edge?

I'm looking for decent m+ community, and you're the one that seems good option of me.

What I can offer Iron Edge:

I'm always willing to help and laugh togheter ;)

Where I heard about Iron Edge:


Last Words:

Take care during corona shit storm. And wish you good day.


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July 07, 2020, 02:13:23 pm

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