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 Social Application - Death Knight (DPS/Tank) - Pughxl

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May 18, 2020, 04:37:00 pm
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Social Application - Death Knight (DPS/Tank) - Pughxl
« on: May 18, 2020, 04:37:00 pm »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying to be a social member.

Character: Pughxl
Class/Spec: Death Knight (DPS/Tank)
Member Type: Social

Personal Info:

Name: Peter
Age: 26
Location: Manchester, England
Occupation: I'm a qualified chef who doesn't do any cheffing, madness I know. I work in retail, mobile phone sales specifically and yes, it's every bit as soul destroying as you would imagine. At the minute I'm doing courses around Python and some other bits. I did go to uni once upon a time, lasted 18 months doing Biology and hated every minute of it. You could say I have no clue what I want to do and what I want from life, and you would be correct.


I've played DK since ICC, class looks cool, I like the option of tanking or DPS and have done both over the years, originally I played a druid when I started playing in TBC and the versatility of the 2 classes is something I enjoy.  I've been with DK through good and bad and enjoy it regardless, mobility is piss poor though.

At the minute I'm playing Blood and enjoying it, haven't played blood since Mannoroth in HFC and haven't mained blood since end of Cata/start of MoP. I have a lot of experience of Frost and middling of Unholy, I've always liked Unholy the least for some reason, although I did play and enjoy it on farm during HFC, especially during prepatch for Legion, Dark Arbiter was stupid fun.

A quick run down of talents for Blood and then Frost.

Row 1: Heartbreaker in most situations, Blooddrinker if I need some single target DPS.
Row 2: Hemostasis as it provides the most healing, Consumption just barely beats it in damage but in terms of healing there's no competition.
Row 3: Ossuary, most consistent damage reduction, I have enough cooldowns not to take Tombstone and more RP for DS is extremely valuable.
Row 4: WotN is the default choice, Rune Tap if there's a fight with extremely spiky damage or if I feel I need an extra cooldown but as mentioned above I have enough to be able to do without.
Row 5: Entirely situational, if I need to kite or an AoE snare is needed then Grip of the Dead, Tightening Grasp if the fight needs it or it's Sanguine week and Wraith Walk if I gotta go fast because DKs are slow bastards and in all single target encounters.
Row 6: Bloodworms, everything else is bad.
Row 7: Red Thirst is the default, it allows for really nice cooldown planning. Bonestorm has it's place in Mythic Plus and in encounters where I don't need either of the other 2 in this row. Purgatory is very good for new boss fights while learning but also a get out of jail free card.


Row 1: Cold Heart - does the most damage.
Row 2: While all 3 are very close I pick Runic Attentuation because it's a nice passive effect and I play Breath.
Row 3: Asphyxiate is the go to, it's a stun what more could you want, Blinding Sleet is nice AoE CC, good in M+
Row 4: Frozen Pulse for single target and Frostscythe for AoE or any form of cleaving.
Row 5: Depends what I need again, but I generally pick Death Pact unless I need Wraith Walk.
Row 6: Gathering Storm, it's the most consistent, it interacts with the Frozen Tempest trait which you'll more than likely have multiple of. Glacial Advance is devalued when playing Breath because you want RP for Breath and nothing else. Frostwyrm's is good, but 3 min cooldown sucks ass.
Row 7: I pick Breath, it's versatile, works great in ST, Cleave and AoE and is the most fun of the 3. Obliteration isn't very good and Ice Cap is more consitent in damage in chain pulling in M+ but if I need AoE burst then Breath beats it.

Blood and Frost operate on priorities like most classes do these days.

Blood opener is generally:

Pre pot
Blooddrinker while closing gap to boss (if talented)
Marrowend for 6 stacks minimum
Blood Boil for Blood Plague

After that it devolves into your priorities

Marrowrend if Bone Shield is about to expire
Death Strike if my next rune spender causes me to overcap RP
Blooddrinker if talented
Blood Boil if I have 2 charges or if something needs Blood Plague applying
Marrowrend if I 7 or fewer stacks or Bone Shield, if DRW is up this changes to 4 or fewer
Heart Strike if I have more than 3 runes available.
Blood Boil if DRW is up for double BP
Death and Decay with a crimson scourge proc
Blood Boil on it's own.

Ignoring all of that, Death Strike timing is most important to smooth out those damage spikes - with this in mind it's important to be banking RP to be able to easily react to the damage I've just taken. If I know a big spike of damage is incoming, pop a defensive and then DS within the 5 second window.

For Frost:

HB if Rime I get a rime proc, if not OB until above 60 RP
Pop Empower Rune Weapon and then Pillar of Frost
Pop Breath and then Remorseless Winter

Frost then carries into 2 priority lists, in cooldown windows and out of cooldown windows. Essentially, when Breath is up I follow OB if less than 30 RP > RW if Gathering Storm talented > Rime HB > OB if 5 runes or less than 45 RP > RW > OB if less than 73 RP

When no cooldowns are up Rime HB > OB if more than 2 runes are ready to maintain Frozen Pulse > FS if 73 or higher RP > if not FP and playing Frostscythe spend KM on FS unless 4 or more runes then use OB or if coming up to a Breath window > OB > FS

Fairly straight forward, CoI at the end of Pillar of Frost to maximise the strength bonus. In AoE/cleaving situations RW (due to GS) > Dump RP when within 2 seconds of using RW > Rime with HB > Frostscythe KM procs > Frost Strike if 73 or more RP > Frost Scythe

For gearing Blood item level > Vers >= Haste > Crit >= Mastery
For Frost it's generally whatever sims highest while loosely following Crit = Mastery > Haste = Vers > Str; AoE means Mastery pulls ahead, Master > Crit > Vers > Haste > Str


442 Havoc Demon Hunter -
And a Monk that was WW which I've just switched to BM to learn for tanking purposes. I mained Monk in Legion and at the start of BFA, again another hybrid although I have no clue about Mistweaver, they're just a fun class.


Engineering and Jewelcrafting, I've chopped and changed over the years usually for purposes of gold but Blizzard seems to have devalued them over the years. I miss the old engineering buffs but can see why they cut them. Either way, I have stuff like Jeeves, the mailbox and other bits and bobs, nothing particularly fancy. I just recently switched back to engineering as I farmed my own mining mats but couldn't be bothered to do it on an alt, so I'm lacking the max crafting recipes but that could also be because I don't raid at the moment.

Raiding/PVP Experience:


Cleared everything but BT and Sunwell (didn't raid either of those two as a young lad) - this was mainly as a Resto Druid


Still as a Resto Druid I cleared Naxx 10 and 25, OS3D 10 and 25 and the same for Malygos until I then took a break from the game at the ripe old age of 14. I came back for ICC as a DK, first playing Blood DPS as it was good when your gear was pants and then switching to Frost.

ICC 10HC 8/12
ICC 25HC 5/12
RS 10 and 25 cleared on normal

During this patch the guild I was in did go back and revisit ToGC for trinkets.


BoT 2/5HC - DPS DK
TotFW 1/2HC - DPS DK

Firelands 7/7HC - DPS with a little bit of tanking
DS 8/8HC - Tank

MoP I was in and out of the game, mostly due to university, instead of just being myself and playing games I tried to make friends, settle into life away from home, I had a GF who was a bellend and ultimately missed raiding through most of the expansion which is something I regret. What a torrid time that was. Anyway...

MSV - 6/6HC
HoF - 4/6HC
ToES - 3/4HC

The guild actually cleared these and quite quickly too but I had a lot of shit going on and couldn't manage my time very well so rather than be a no show and whatnot I decided it was best to take a break and go casual. I didn;t play during ToT and SoO I just pugged 10/14HC (pre Mythic) and the guild brought my in for a couple of reclears when they had AFKs (I had more free time at this point having no more university to go to and no GF ruining my life). The guild at the time was world rank 60.

WoD came and I was still a casual until HFC and we full cleared it and I was a DPS DK as the tank spots were full, until I had to take a backseat again due to some health problems. I haven't raided since. I've missed a lot, and always wanted to go back to raiding, but this is a social application for now.

Previous Guilds:

Ocularis Infernum - Lightbringer

This was my first guild, my brother was in the guild and his friend from school and that's where I found out about raiding. I left in Wrath after we finished up the first tier to play more in the CSS clan I was in at the time.

Mock - Hellscream

One of my CS friends asked me to come play on his server so I made a DK and coincidentally another guy I played CS with was in this guild and got me an invite and from there I caught up on gearing, cleared ICC and then the guild had some issues to say the least. Attitiude problems left and right, officers not liking each other, and mostly some players getting offers to join better guilds. We had cleared everything and I got an offer to join another guild as well which another CS friend ran. It may seem like I have lots of friends but I can assure you that is not the case.

Lunacy - Karazhan/Sylvanas

I joined up and met loads of great new people that I'd go on to play with for the expansion and beyond. Towards the end of Firelands it was becoming increasingly difficult to recruit people on Karazhan so we moved to a higher population server which was Sylvanas, we then killed Rag a few weeks before Dragon Soul released and I switched to Blood because it was a banger on every fight and our GM wanted to take a slight backseat and raid a little less. We got to 6/8 and Spine progress began and we had roster issues. We were only 10 man but people weren't showing up, we had some stinking attitudes including from the GM. Our Bear tank at the time was from South Africa and storms would just wipe his internet completely so the GM had to come in and he wasn't keeping up to date with his class, with his spec or anything and it grew to be quite frustrating. I planned his cooldowns for him, I switched to DPS because I was better geared for it and he was failing simple mechanics. All in all he wasn't keeping up with what was going on and that was his issue, a group of us got really irritated by it and tensions rose until one night we mentioned it to him and he got a bit angry and ragequit which ended the raid. This core group then moved to a new guild we had a couple of friends we did mount runs for Firelands in.

Invalid Argument - Sylvanas

We joined at first just for the community while we all figured out what we wanted to do, we were already friends with a couple of officers and the GM and somehow we ended up converting them to a 25 man guild. From experience that was always a bad idea a month or 2 into the raid tier and this wasn't any different. Recruitment was slow and the quality just wasn't good enough, we cleared the raid 25man on the 5% nerf and then decided the guild was going back to 10man where we did boost runs for the next few months. Around the time of Diablo launch we took a small break and I was really thinking of 25 man raiding again.

Aurora (Nox) - Stormrage/Kazzak

I originally joined this guild on my own as a tank and then a few of the guys from IA followed and then the rest of them followed later into the expansion (ended up around 6 or 7 of us that went over, individually not a package deal). Brilliant guild, with brilliant players as stated in the experience section it wasn't long before I had to take a step back, but since joining I've always been in this guild as a raider or a casual, made some great friends. We were realm first/competing for realm first and then when I wasn't in the picture it was still the same. Come HFC we cleared Archimonde and the server was slowly dying, we moved to Kazzak and that was that, since then I've been a casual. As of right now the guild is dead, players have moved on, barely any of the older players I enjoyed playing with play now and under different leadership the guild eventually died due to the types of players coming in. Being a social I don't have all the details but the GM fucked someone's wife, under previous leadership the guild was a no drama guild but this changed apparently. They stopped raiding during EP, but regardless of that the players that I enjoyed playing with the most have quit the game bar one or two on other servers.

With this guild being dead (RIP) I now come to Iron Edge to make some friends, to chill out and just you know, enjoy the game.


At the moment with the Rona I can't work so I'm at home doing training and then playing games. Currently I'm available almost all day. Should I return to work any time soon I work 9-17:30 (GMT, well BST at the minute) 4 days a week. Since I'm not applying to be a raider it doesn't really conflict too much, I'm on when I'm on, inbetween seeing the missus (rules say no at the minute anyway).


I'd like to think I'm proficient in English, although having seen the average UK person you can never really tell. Yes I have Teamspeak, thank the lord it's better than discord and yes I use my mic.

Computer / Connection:


Asus GTX 1060 6GB
i5 8600K overclocked to 5GHz
16GB Corsair RAM (8x2) at 3000MHz
WoW is stored on my M.2

I have no issues with running the game, my average ping is 17ms and no issues with my ISP.


This is my UI

I chop and change things from time to time.

Addons I use:

Weakauras for tracking things link my BS stacks, my DS healing, interupts for M+ and so on.
ElvUI - easy to manage, easy to adjust, looks good.
Details as it offers more than Skada and Recount
AngryAssignments for notes the RL wants to slap in, this is also in ExRT which I use as well.
In Aurora loot was done by Loot Council which is why I still have RCLootCouncil installed. RIP Master Loot.

Other Games:

I've always played Counter Strike, starting with Source when I was 10. A group of us have played together for some 12-15 years we meet up every year and have a LAN in someone's house. At the moment I also play League and in terms of other games I'm a big fan of the Witcher series, Final Fantasy series and other bits and bobs. I can sink a lot of time into Football Manager as well.

Why Iron Edge?

Why not? I had a browse of WoWProgress, I saw that you guys have a website which is a big plus for me for some reason, nostalgia maybe? Having read the WoWProgress page I really get a sense of community which is all I want really, just some people to relax with, do some content, do some Mythic Plus. There's only so much pugging a man can do - and more importantly people who have patience, I've just come back to tanking and I've gotta do odd things in M+ and that scares me, I need an arm round the shoulder and someone to tell me it'll all be okay until I'm up to speed.

What can I offer Iron Edge?

I offer an active player, someone who's played all roles in the game, sociable to the point where it's not sickening. I will come and do your heroics, your 2+ keys and I'll come and do your harder stuff. I consider myself enjoyable to play the game with, I have a laugh and a guy that will stick around in the guild.

And most importantly, no drama. I can't be bothered with that crap, I like a quiet life.

Where did I hear about Iron Edge?

I found you chaps while browsing guilds on WoWProgress, you take socials and you seem to have a community feel. I like that.

And you have a website. Like I said, I don't know why, but I like that.

Last Words?

Dobby dies.

May 21, 2020, 11:24:32 pm
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Offline Xorm

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Re: Social Application - Death Knight (DPS/Tank) - Pughxl
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2020, 11:24:32 pm »
Hello Peter.

This is an extremely well written app.
You can poke an officer for an invite.

Anything less than immortality is a waste of time.

May 22, 2020, 08:53:46 am
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Offline Vorte

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Re: Social Application - Death Knight (DPS/Tank) - Pughxl
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2020, 08:53:46 am »
Hello and welcome!

Just want to share that I was in a very similar situation 6 years back (work and education-wise). The time spendt in those soul crushing jobs were found to be very appealing to HR during interviews, once you make up your mind and get that edumucation. (6 years worth of cold calling selling phones and subs here)

Wish you luck!
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