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 Raider Application - Shaman (DPS/Healer) - Bolony

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August 07, 2020, 10:48:46 am
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Raider Application - Shaman (DPS/Healer) - Bolony
« on: August 07, 2020, 10:48:46 am »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying for the main raid.

Character: Bolony
Class/Spec: Shaman (DPS/Healer)
Member Type: Raider

Personal Info:

Hello Iron Edge, my name is Mark, I am 28 years old, I work from Switzerland/Germany/Bulgaria running my own import/export business and distribution of the products I deal with. I was born in Germany, grew up until the age of 16 in Bulgaria then moved to Switzerland for 10 years (and studied something totally unrelated to my work - hospitality management). I love hiking in my free time or playing video games. I would like to mention that I was a member a few months ago and progressed with you on several bosses, however my father got very ill and I abruptly stopped playing any games and went to visit him. I am sorry for not communicating this with you, it was a very big shock for me to get the news about my dad, I couldnt think of anything else. I would love to be part of your team again if you would have me.


Main Spec: Elemental - 478
Off Spec: Resto - 472
Off Spec: Enhancement - 474

Stat priority: Haste - Crit - Vers - Mastery (haste and crit around the same, depending on the boss either one of the two should be a bit higher, with crit showing better results on most bosses), Vers at around 10% although higher % also show good results

Rotation: 6 sec before the pull I use Stormkeeper, then Totem Mastery, Prepot, 2 sec before the pull precast Lava Burst and apply Flame Shock, cast Fire Elemental, Lightning Bolt, Lava Burst, Lightning Bolt, Icefury, Earth Shock, then try emporing each of the 4 Frost Shocks with a Lava Burst cast or Lava Surge Proc, use Lightning Bolt as a filler. Keep Flame Shock up on 3 targets, use Earth Shock when at 60-80 Maelstrom. When 4 or more targets use Chain Lightning.


Yes, currently I have:
Mage 120 - my main alt
Warrior 120 - stayed at 430 before the release of the cape
DK 120
Warlock 120
Druid 120
Paladin 120 - stayed at 445 before the release of the cape
I will have all characters at 120 for Shadowlands launch so that I can play whatever is needed.


Leatherworking on Shaman for the good items
Jewelcrafting for the ring.

I will have alchemy+the next most useful profession on my main raiding character in SL.

Raiding Experience:

I raided a bit in WoD clearing the raid tiers on heroic in a casual guild. In Legion cleared everything on heroic on release week and a few bosses on mythic. was playing warrior. In BFA I cleared with you guys up to Drest'agath, we almost killed it on the first or 2nd day of progress on my shamy.
My big raiding experience comes from playing on a private WoTLK server (used to be my favorite expansion) where I raided 5-7 times a week with the best guild on the server for 2 years. I had every ranged class and paladin+feral druid fully BiS-ed out and was very invested in min maxing every move. I also played tank and healing roles such as resto druid and disc priest, but my main focus was ranged dps.

Previous Guilds:

Iron Edge - I think I was kicked due to inactivity and not giving you guys any notice of my situation. Again, I am sorry about that, the circumstances were drastic. I had to leave the country where I had my computer the day after and stay with my dad.


I am available at nights. I work from 7-9 am to 17-19 pm. During holidays I might not be available.


Yes, I am proficient. Yes, I can listen and execute. Yes, I have a mic and I use it.

Computer / Connection:

Yes, very good computer, no fps issues. Fiber optic cable, the best in Switzerland. No high ping on Kazzak, very rarely lag, no disconnects.


Weakauras - display boss abilities and my own cds
Big Wigs - Warn me about upcoming boss abilities
Bartender - better UI looks
Omni CC - better cooldown tracking
Quartz - more precise cast bar = more deeps
Recount - to see my performance dps wise


Other Games:

Occasionally Starcraft 2, Warcraft Reforged and Valorant. I used to play a lot of LoL, CS:GO, APEX, and other games during my studies but now its primarily WoW.

Why Iron Edge?

Because I want to be part of a team with like minded players that have fun with the game but are sharp when progressing on bosses and have a lust to kill them. Every team is as strong as its weakest link, so I try doing my best to bring the team forward.

What can I offer Iron Edge?

Positive attitude, dedication, team spirit, performance and always trying to improve on feedback. I am willing to play any class thats needed.

Where did I hear about Iron Edge?

WoW Progress, former guildies, and then I was a member for a while.

Last Words?

Yes, space cats are cool. Sorry for letting you down like this without giving you any notice, the circumstances were drastic, my dad got severely sick and I had immediately travel to him, if it wasnt the case I would have been with you until the end.

August 10, 2020, 05:08:44 pm
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Offline Rash

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Re: Raider Application - Shaman (DPS/Healer) - Bolony
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2020, 05:08:44 pm »
Hi Bolony,

Nice to see all is well and I'm sorry to hear about your father. I really wish you would have come to one of us before you applied to us again, though.

Out of all the possible ways and opportunities you had to let us know what was going on, your preferred choice was to just disappear for months without telling anyone? I'm sorry, but I don't have a lot of confidence that you're not going to do this again in the future and that severely threatens the stability of our roster.

Good luck on your search for a guild for shadowlands.
Rash - Mistweaver Monk
Porkkebab - Holy Paladin
Pooneclipse - Resto Druid

August 11, 2020, 07:18:14 am
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Offline Bolony

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Re: Raider Application - Shaman (DPS/Healer) - Bolony
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2020, 07:18:14 am »
Hi Rash,

I understand, that's fair.

Good luck to you too.


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