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 Raider Application - Warrior (DPS) - Twixxel

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November 21, 2020, 01:07:43 pm
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Raider Application - Warrior (DPS) - Twixxel
« on: November 21, 2020, 01:07:43 pm »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying for the main raid.

Character: Twixxel
Class/Spec: Warrior (DPS)
Member Type: Raider

Personal Info:

Melvin Jansen
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
I studied IT Networking, but got into the IT Security Branche after the study.
Also enjoy to play wow and never actually did try to do any Mythic raiding with a guild. This was because i didn't feel like i had the time. I did however pug 12/12 HC and do leading them, i know it was like hell.

I'm going to be straightup here, i don't have any cutting-edge achieves so far, but i never tried doing it with a guild. I would love to start more serious next expansion and would like to prove my position in the raid team.


So far, gearing up new character i'm planning on playing. ilvl 108 as ARMS.
I'd preffer to play Arms, but I'm happy to switch fury if it is required.
I can do tanking, but am not the best at it.

If you ask me it depends on the talents. But basic rotations can be found on Icy-veins:
Basics BFA rotation:
Cast Colossus Smash Icon Colossus Smash.
Cast Overpower Icon Overpower to buff Mortal Strike Icon Mortal Strike.
Cast Mortal Strike Icon Mortal Strike to maintain Deep Wounds Icon Deep Wounds.
Cast Bladestorm Icon Bladestorm during Test of Might Icon Test of Might when low on Rage.
Cast Bladestorm Icon Bladestorm during Colossus Smash Icon Colossus Smash.
Cast Slam Icon Slam.

The stat priority for Arms Warrior is:
1. Haste;
2. Critical Strike;
3. Mastery;
4. Versatility;
5. Strength.


Character i played all BFA for fun with friends:
Enhancement Shaman
ilvl 125
Did some +15's and +17's for fun, but nothing special. Did however cleared heroic 12/12, but never tried mythic raiding because of a lack of time last year.


I'm thinking of going for mining + herbalism while leveling. Once gathered enough raw matherials, i will switch my herbalism to blacksmithing to get the best out of my Legendary.

Raiding Experience:

Ny'Alotha HC 12/12: A head of the curve
Did some casual fun raiding heroic in WoD as a Druid healer, but never really got far. It was alot of fun, but the team wasn't serious to progress at all.

Previous Guilds:

Left because switching server:
Don't know the name of the guild, but I came from silvermoon (Alliance) and all my friends i play casual with changed to horde because of the better PVE progression in Mythic+. We did realize there where alot more dungeons running to pug with so we plan on maybe pushing more Mythic+.


Working/gaming from home, because of the lack of work at the moment i've got a lot of free time next to my work. I'll be able to farm up on gear more then when i work at the office. Next week took a holiday just to enjoy the SL release and get geared ASAP.


Yes, yes and yes. Yes and yes.

Computer / Connection:

You might get jelous, but in the netherlands we run around 12-20 ms.
I have a GPU AMD RX 5700 XT and might want to buy a new one already next year.
No laggs so far.


DBM - To help inform me when doing mechanics.
Details - Check if i'm slacking and who i need to kick as a leader in pugs.
GTFO - To not take to much damage from the damage on the floors etc.
Plater - Nice plates, but mostly used for mythic+.

Other Games:

League of legends.

Why Iron Edge?

Looking to progress for real.

What can I offer Iron Edge?

A good DPS raiding that will adapt to the situation if asked and required.
A dedicated player that is willing to progress!

Where did I hear about Iron Edge?

Frenzbg is one of your raiders that i did see pugging a dungeon. His rio was 12/12 M. This was like advertisement, but not one of those anoying one's.

Last Words?

I know i do not have any cutting edge achievements, but almost no guild raids are being accepting progressing teams without these achievements. I do know i can do it, its just that i cannot apply because of no background. I do understand, however not alot of raiding guilds do Mythic raiding if you ask me and they mostly raid on the weekends when i cannot raid because of enjoying family times.

November 23, 2020, 10:46:35 pm
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Offline Shimmar

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Re: Raider Application - Warrior (DPS) - Twixxel
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2020, 10:46:35 pm »
Hi Melvin,
Nice application. I appreciate you putting the time in. Unfortunately we don't have any space for more melee on the roster at this time, so I'm afraid I'll have to decline the application.

Hopefully you won't have too much of a problem getting into a mythic raiding guild. Best of luck to you and enjoy the lag launch!


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