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 Weekend Raider Application - Priest (DPS) - Yezebel

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November 22, 2020, 09:47:41 pm
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Weekend Raider Application - Priest (DPS) - Yezebel
« on: November 22, 2020, 09:47:41 pm »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying for the Weekend Raid.

Character: Yezebel
Class/Spec: Priest (DPS)
Member Type: Weekend Raider

Personal Info:

Hello, my name is Rauno. I'm 32 and live in Estonia. I work in Estonian Defence Forces. My main hobbies are crosscountry cycling and rockclimbing(even though there is no crags is Estonia, we have a climbing wall in local gym, and a proper bouldering hall opens next year next city over), used to be deep into MTG as well, but had to move because of work and there is no one to play here anymore.


I have played Shadow ever since i started playing mid-BC. Considered rerolling something else for Shadowlands, but then Blizz finally listened and scrapped the impossible to balance and design Voidform.

As for off-specs I haven't read up on them when it comes to Shadowland. Depending on content i have played both healing specs and i am willing to play both healing specs

Playing shadow priest has become relatively straight forward - keep your dots up, keep Void Eruption on CD, use other CDs on CD, and don't over cap insanity, react to procs and lastly Mind Flay as filler. Feels a lot like Warlords era Shadow priest, but with more buttons(VE/VB, VoiT, SC).
But even though it seems playing Shadow priest is straight forward due to high number spells we need to press and follow, it needs high situational awarness and good muscle memory to hit all the different buttons on the right and right order - this is something i need to work on more, as i feel when doing dummies now, that i do miss some timings, but fortunately it's only matter of practice on the dummy(and maybe better layout for UI and/or keybinds).

As for stats - INT is king and every shadow priest knows that there is no such thing as not enough Haste.


No alts at the moment, historically i have had a hard time getting any alts off the ground either due to lack of time or lack interest.


Chanting and Tailoring. Have had these from beginning.

Raiding Experience:

Raiding - I would like to put Guild info also here, so Previous Guilds textbox is going to be empty.

Started playing mid BC in Arathor server. Joined random guild off trade chat, did some Kara, and killed the council fight before Gruul 1st pull. Next week wiped all night on council before Gruul - guild immediately imploded. Followed some members to guild Knights of Ni. Did end of expansion raiding with them and then came WotLK. Did 1st tier with them, but felt like the progression was lacking and wanted to experience more, so i applied to the top guild of the realm at that time. Got into the roster for Ulduar. Learned that if you are not making money with raiding, then raiding 7 nights a week is fucking hell. And then i had a summer fling with some random girl from my home town and stopped playing for the summer. After summer i went back to the game and didn't feel good about going back to Arathor, so wen to another realm. Joined Angels of Ares on Emerald Dream, raided TOC and ICC with them until i had to go to mandatory army service for 11 months. After army service tried to get back into game in middle of Cata but it felt bad.. so decided to postpone my comeback to the end of exp and focus on Pandaland. Don't remember the reasons but decided to start over on one the big realms on EU - in the end choice was Kazzak. Joined guild named Pendulum here. Lost some of the key players with transition to Pandaria so start of Pandaria was little bit rough and we didn't manage to clear all content, SOO was only raid we fully cleared at highest difficulty.
At the beginning of Wod it was getting clear to me that raiding during week nights is not good for me, as i had increasingly more trouble with sleep and getting up in mornings, so i took a break to get my life into better shape. Then came Legion and hype got to me, since i knew i can't handle weekday raiding i searched for weekend guild. Found Bad Alts on Silvermoon. Cleared Emerald Nightmare in Mythic with them. Then their Raid Leader had to go. That put a break on their raiding. I found something else to do. By the time Bad Alts resumed with raiding properly i had distance myself from WoW again and didn't resub. BFA came along and i was looking getting into raiding again, this time decided to join all Estonian guild - Kalevlased in Al'Akir in hopes that being a national guild it stays together better. At the end of 1st tier some members of leadership weren't happy with quality of progress so the guild broke apart.

PvP - None.

Previous Guilds:



An hour, max 2 during workweek. Most of the weekend is free though.
EDF has a major exercise during May and then i'm in the field for 2..3 weeks.
During summer holidays i like to drive somewhere in europe to camp for several weeks (3..5) if possible..


English is average for 2nd language. No problems using any voice comms software. As i have trashed my previous headsets, i'm on lookout for a new one right now, should have one within a week.

Computer / Connection:

6600K and 1070Ti for a rig. At the moment i have 70..80 fps in Orgrimmar training dummy area, I don't know exactly what my fps is in raid environment, but if needed i can always reduce graphic settings to have a smooth exp. Internet is provided to my apartment complex via optical fiber, and i have 100/100 connection. Ping to Kazzak is around 50ms. I haven't experienced DHCP lease issues so far(that's what you have if you disconnect every set interval).


BigWigs - Boss timers, last guild used it, so i have this installed. It's better to have same addon for boss timers for entire raid, so if you use something else i'll obviously switch.
PitBull - all the unitframes
WA - all the cooldowns and other necessary annoucments
SPTimers - DoT timers
I only set it up and while practicing on dummies i didn't feel 100% with it yet, so i'm definitely going to fiddle around with it more, or i just need more practice... Only time will tell... But the general layout is going to be same -- WA on top of insanity bar on top of cast bar, and other stuff on the sides.

Keybinds will change also with high probability as I'm searching for most comfortable layout for the needs of Shadow priest rotation - As of Shadowlands we got some new buttons to press and it seems all the active talents are actually good choices so there's quite a lot of buttons to press... Also regarding keybinds, i haven't done any work with macros yet, so some keys probably will be condensed under 1 bind.

Other Games:

PoE - i tip my toe into this game every league.

Why Iron Edge?

You are one of the few guilds that offer the opportunity to raid during weekends. Also you seem to have strong social life going on in the guild, so that's also a bonus :P

What can I offer Iron Edge?

Reliabilty mostly - i do my own research, i have my own back when it comes to consumables and other stuff in game.
Socialy i'm a little bit closed book unfortunately, but i'm a good listener.

Where did I hear about Iron Edge?

Searched WoWProgress for guilds that have suitable raid times.

Last Words?

I have keeping an eye on you for some time now. It does seem to be that your roster is rather tight. I do not mind the bench at all in the beginning. I'm completely willing to take it slower and raid in HC until you find a spot for me in Mythic. Tho i do expect something more definitive from you by the time 2nd tier rolls around.

November 23, 2020, 10:10:56 am
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Offline Xorm

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Re: Weekend Raider Application - Priest (DPS) - Yezebel
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2020, 10:10:56 am »
Hello Yezebel.

You've come at an unfortunate time, since we're exactly 30 people. We're not going to do split runs for our team.

Unfortunately, I cannot even offer you a spot for heroic at this time. But I like your attitude and I'd like to offer you a social spot until we have room for you.

What do you say?
Ba dun tss!

November 23, 2020, 02:33:50 pm
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Offline Yezebel

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Re: Weekend Raider Application - Priest (DPS) - Yezebel
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2020, 02:33:50 pm »
It's completely fine.

November 23, 2020, 04:03:30 pm
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Offline Xorm

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Re: Weekend Raider Application - Priest (DPS) - Yezebel
« Reply #3 on: November 23, 2020, 04:03:30 pm »

We usually wait for a while before accepting applicants, but we'll make an exception this time. Since SL launch is upon us, i think it's the perfect time to socialize and maybe find yourself a m0 team.

Poke any officer for an invite.
Ba dun tss!


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