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 TOT Raider Application - Shaman (Healer) - Iô

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February 28, 2021, 05:29:07 pm
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TOT Raider Application - Shaman (Healer) - Iô
« on: February 28, 2021, 05:29:07 pm »
Hello, Iron Edge!

I am applying to be a TOT Raider.

Class/Spec: Shaman (Healer)
Member Type: TOT Raider

Personal Info:

Name: Sofia
Age: 42
Location: Sweden
Work: In healthcare, as a medical physicist.


I have played a resto shaman since vanilla, have always loved the spec. Have other alts but have always come back to the resto sham which I think is a fun, challenging spec with a big toolkit :)


Not much of a pvp player here, sadly.


Alchemy + enchanting on main. Double flask time, enchanting so can easily fix my new gear. My alts got the rest of the professions covered, so I'm pretty much a "do it yourself" kind of woman.

Mythic+ Experience:

This tier my experience is 9/10 HC, got maybe 40 tries on Sire hc, best try around 5 %.
Have gotten AOTC on most tiers. Been playing this game a long long time.

Previous Guilds:

I've been in midlife crisis for many years now. I'm pretty loyal once I find a home I like. Sadly, I see a lot of people have stopped playing and we don't have enough people for raids anymore. I'm not sure the bulk of players will return when TBC hits. This is why I'm looking beyond the horizon.


Yes. My kids are teenagers so I've found myself having more and more time compared to what it used to be :)


Yes. I mostly use Discord for comms but I could get TS3. Have a working headset.

System / Connection:

Yes. No fps issues. 100 MBit fibre. Don't usually have problems with lag or disconnects.


DBM - obviously, Weakauras - tracker for important CDs, abilities or raid mechanics, Exorcus raid tools - raid cooldowns, Details for meters, GTFO are the most important ones for raiding.

My UI:
Bindings not shown are my mouse bindings.

Other Games:

PC: Minecraft, just recently tried Valheim which looks promising.
Mobile/Ipad: Pokemon GO, Clash of clans

+ The occasional boardgame :)

Why Iron Edge?

I scanned through the horde guilds on kazzak and your description was to my liking. So many guilds out there but it seems you are realizing the importance of the atmosphere and the social aspect of this game. Also nice with a big guild, I enjoy active guild chat :)

What I can offer Iron Edge:

A friendly loyal player. Healing rain for those in need.

Where I heard about Iron Edge:


Last Words:

I'm applying for the Too old to raid group, which seems to be a nice bunch :) However, I asked Moontress about the current state of your raid teams and was told they are all pretty full. If I don't get a raid spot I'm happy to join as social member for now. Would like to raid eventually though :)

March 02, 2021, 10:44:12 am
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Offline kodin

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Re: TOT Raider Application - Shaman (Healer) - I
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2021, 10:44:12 am »
Hi I,

unfortunately the ToT raid is currently full, but i'd still like to offer you social spot in the guild.

if this is acceptable to you feel free to message any officer for an invite



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