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Iron Edge Meetup Summer 2023: Gdańsk!

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Iron Edge Meetup Summer 2023: Gdańsk!
30th of June - 2nd of July

After the wonderful turnout last October in Dublin and the corona break before it, we're ready to kick it off with another great Iron Edge Meetup in 2023. This time in beautiful Gdańsk!

We chose Gdańsk for its central location in Europe and it is affordable for as many people as possible to get to. Famous for its rich culture, history and entertainment, we think it's a great place to spend the weekend with your friends from Iron Edge!

The plan:

On Friday we will all gather in Gdańsk, find our respective hotels or other lodgings and then go out into the city and go explore.

Saturday will be the activity day selected by Naasty herself, where we have a couple of cultural activities lined up so everyone can pick what they want. After that we will meet up again and we will all have dinner and drinks together in a local pub.

On Sunday there will be another activity planned, which can be attended freely as your travel itinerary allows you.

I recommend you all find places to stay that allow for many people per room, such as large hotel rooms and AirBnB. Getting up to 4 people in one accommodation can get you a place to stay for as little as 30 euros per night per person. Of course getting your reservation and travel arrangement early is the way to go. If flying to Gdańsk is expensive, consider flying to Warsaw and taking a train to Gdańsk instead.

I suggest we all find hotels in the commercial area of Gdańsk, around the Bazylika Mariacka:

Please share in this thread if you will attend and what your intentions for accommodation are!

In attendance, names in bold confirmed:

- Rash
- Grax
- Hemoroid
- Naasty
- Kodin
- Cnacka
- Prat
- Moon
- Phoenix
- Rasgaas
- Lethys
- Stepan
- Paul
- Xormn
- Mortos
- Oni
- Zilent
See you all there!

This is actually a perfect timing because i am flying to poland and see my son and fiance arround that time and then fly to romania cuz my brother will have a child soon so need to take a few things from poland before i go    this is deffinetly green light for me.   I will fly till warszaw where i will rent a car and then drive down to gdansk,  regarding accomodation i have no ideea yet but open for anything. Im down.

Two of my closest friends are getting married on 1st of July so I won't be able to come. I will try my best to come to the next meetup!

Kodin and I will be there  ;D

We're flying in on Thursday and home again Monday (cause first holiday since having a child, gotta make it count) we will be staying at something called downtown appartements Aura 40  :D

Can't wait to see everyone  :)

Barring any unforseeable circumstances - I will be there.
Travelling arrangements will be made at a later date :D


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