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 Your Top 5 Games of 2016

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December 27, 2016, 09:27:45 pm
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Your Top 5 Games of 2016
« on: December 27, 2016, 09:27:45 pm »
As the title says What is your top 5 games of this year.
I figured it would be fun to hear from fellow guildies what they enjoyed playing over the last year.
Only 1 rule: No Expansion packs/DLC for games that weren't released this year.
I'd like you to give a reason why you liked the game but if you don't wanna that's fine too.

5. XCOM 2: I allmost forgot this game came out this year for some reason still though it's a good game.
Basically the game to did everything it promissed to do from the start, a small graphical upgrade, more fun classes, semi-randomly generated terrain and just overall more of the same.
Game does have it's flaws though, when it first got released it had some optimization issues making even high-end pc have issues running it above 30fps but i believe it was fixxed though.
Something that wasn't fixxed from the previous game though is the difficulty progressions the game probably is even harder at the start of the game and definatly even easier at end game.

4. Stellaris: I'll admit that the game wasn't in the best state when it first got released since most of the time the mid/end game of the game was rather boring doing just the same thing over and over again, but with all the patches they actually made it far more interesting  and i actually started enjoying it a lot, mostly playing as some genocidal bird people.

3. Shadow Tactics: Blade of the Shogun: Game came out in december so it's probably one of the last games to come out this year (duh), anyway if you ever played some older games like Commandos, Desperado or Robin Hood: the legend of Sherwood, basically RTS games where you play as a small group of people all with a different skillset which you need to complete whatever objective mostly using stealth.
This game is very similar to those older games except as you might have guessed from the title set in fuedal japan, it's a game that isn't easy which is probably why i like it so much.

2.Planet Coaster: Honestly it's been a while since there was a game that did park building this good, i'm sure that rash allready talked in detail about it so i won't say much more of it, not that there is much to see other than that it's a park builder that is very good.
The one flaw that it does have is that the path system can be very fiddly i guess.

1. Total war: Warhammer: To be honest i had a hard time choosing between this and Planet Coaster i just think i like total warhammer a bit more, thing is i really enjoyed the game and every DLC that came out this year did increase the replayability of the game.
Honestly all the races do actually play different.

Anyway what is your top 5?
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